How to pick the right last minute movers?

There is no single word that can describe a moving process. Furthermore, there are no two moves alike. Or this is something our moving experts believe, at least. Considering that there are no two moves alike we can easily conclude that moving cannot be generalized. This is why we find this industry one of the most challenging ones. The individuality and uniqueness of each of our customers make this line of work never dull. And we love it! it is difficult, it is challenging and it is rewarding. This is what sticks. However, there is one thing that is common for all moves – last minute moving is never fun. This type of moving sucks out all the joy out of it. All that remains is stress. There is no going around it. Fortunately for you, Pro Movers Miami last minute movers are there to make it less so.

Still, if you are forced to do a last minute move you need to understand just how difficult this can be. When you can plan your move in normal circumstances – it becomes challenging. Add to it the fact that you do not have time on your side and you could end up being in trouble. Picking last minute movers leaves you at somewhat of a limited set of choices. This is why you must choose wisely in order not to haste into a disaster. Not all movers are good and not all of them are compatible with your needs. We would love to say that you should take your time, but this is no longer an option, unfortunately.

So, if you find yourself in this predicament this is what you should do.

Picking your last minute movers

So, before we proceed let’s briefly explain why you should try not to find yourself in the last minute situation. The biggest challenge when deciding to hire professional moving assistance is finding the right moving company. Having this said if you have enough time to look in advance you will allow yourself to have options and thus bargaining power. Also, you will have time to research moving companies using one of many tools around. Lastly, you will have time to, once chosen a moving company, plan your move and work out all the logistical elements. First get to know all the services they provide because you might want to hire them for additional services.

Also, having enough time, you might be able to strike some rather good deals because let’s face it – moving and hiring a moving company is not cheap. It can, however, be cheaper if you have the time to look.

Last minute movers expect to work on short notice, and even they advise that it's better to do things in timely manner.
Age old adage of time is money is true also in the case of moving. You can save a lot of money on a move if you don’t wait for the last second.

Now, let’s imagine all of this when taking the time variable out of it. You are stuck with having to do all this in practically no time at all. Sadly, this leads to your choices being ever so limited. There are certain techniques you can use to mitigate these losses, but you have to face the fact that the quality of the last minute move will never be as high as a well-timed one. Unless you are really, really lucky. Which can happen. But let us not ponder on the factor of luck and speak about facts. These small techniques can help when looking for your last minute movers.

Look for recommendations

The first thing you should do when having no time to spare is to talk to your family and friends. Chances are at least one of your friends or family members had to endure a move in the past year. If not, then maybe a friend of a friend or an acquaintance. Anyone that you can talk to counts! Seek someone who has had a pleasant experience with a moving company.

Don't hesitate to ask anyone in your network of friends for an advice concerning a move. The more you know, the easier it will get.
A friend or a colleague can offer valuable experience concerning a move in either general way or in a specific regarding using a particular moving company.

This way you are protected from hastily selecting an inappropriate moving company. Your last minute movers, even though selected with haste, should not be taken lightly. Sometimes taking no moving companies beats taking one at all cost. Maybe you would do more damage this way than doing everything on your own.

Do it yourself

Speaking of which, there is always the option of doing everything on your own. Even though we do not really recommend this if you have some experience and knowledge about the moving process you could consider taking things into your own hands. However, do keep in mind that this can be very risky. However, if you do everything on your own the time constraint becomes less of a factor. What you need is a truck (which you can rent, or borrow) and a couple of friends or family members to assist. Plan everything out on the go and start packing your stuff!

Communicate the time constraint to your last minute movers

However, if you decide to still seek professional assistance, make sure you communicate everything to them. Some moving companies need to be aware of the fact that you are moving the last minute. This allows them to prepare for it and understand just how much pressure you are under. This way some negative communication, caused by stress, can be avoided. As your moving company, we need to have perfect clarity and understanding of what you are going through.

Only by doing so can you ensure to receive proper customer service.

Investigate the chosen moving company

The moving industry has grown quite significantly. With this growth came the incredible number of moving companies you can find, some legit and some less legit. These less legit ones are also known as moving frauds, and you should be very careful about it. You can research the USDOT database to check for companies registered with the Department of transportation. You can use it to check local movers in Florida or interstate movers from other states.

Registered moving companies can be examined using various databases that easily accessible using a pc.
Use your PC as a tool to examine moving companies up close as you can easier find more details about them, then doing it on your mobile.

Even though you are under a huge time constraint, take your time to investigate the moving company you are considering for you might become a victim of a fraud. If this happens by any chance you risk losing far more than if you decided to do everything on your own, or postpone the move.