How to pack and transport heavy furniture from Kendall to Aventura

There are so many reasons why people decide to move their homes to smaller cities. Most of them looking for a more peaceful and quiet area. If you are lucky to find a job in a small city, you will be glad to find a new home there, too. But once the time for relocation comes, there will be so many tasks to handle. Even if you decide to move from Kendall to Aventura which means moving locally, the moving process can be quite an arduous endeavor. One of the hardest tasks is packing and transporting your bulky and heavy furniture, whether you moving locally or long distance. To make this job easier for you, our Miami moving and storage experts will remind you of steps to take when you need to pack and transport heavy furniture from Kendall to Aventura. Let’s see what you should do!

Planning is a must before you pack and transport heavy furniture from Kendall to Aventura

Although moving to a smaller city often means you will be able to afford a larger home, it still does not mean you can bring all of your furniture to your new home. Even your favorite furniture pieces could be too large to fit your new living room or bedroom. This is especially true when it comes to heavy and bulky furniture that you own. The last thing you want is to waste time packing and transporting items that could not fit your new space. So, take enough time to properly prepare for the furniture moving project.

A woman thinking about ways to pack and transport heavy furniture from Kendall to Aventura while making a list.
The strategy will help you pack and transport heavy furniture from Kendall to Aventura smoothly.

First thing first, you should create a list of all furniture you have. Secondly, identify heavy furniture that will need more time to be packed and moved. Thirdly, determine which furniture pieces will go to storage units Miami. Then, get all it takes to properly pack your furniture. Whether you will place some of your furniture in the storage or transport it all to your new home, you will need to have proper packing materials.

Steps you should not skip when you need to pack and transport heavy furniture from Kendall to Aventura

If you are following all mentioned steps, you will avoid struggles with relocating your furniture. However, our Kendall movers will share more detailed guidelines for heavy furniture moving. That will simplify your tasks even more and make this job seamless and pleasant for you. So, here is what you need to do to prepare to pack and transport bulky furniture from Kendall to Aventura:

  • measure your heavy and large furniture and you will know how much space you are going to need to get it out of your current home;
  • with an interior design in mind, measure doorways, stairways, and available space, and you will figure out which of your old furniture will fit in;
  • get rid of old furniture and plan how much money you will need to replace it;
  • find safe and convenient storage for furniture that you cannot place in your new home but still want to keep;
  • examine all of your furniture and make a list of packing supplies you will need to pack and protect it properly.
A women measures golden table
Take measurements of your heavy furniture on time.

Get packing materials you will need for packing your furniture

When the time for moving home comes, it is easy to overlook what packing supplies you need for packing your items. But our movers Aventura are here not only to provide you with outstanding services but also to advise you on things you need for successful DIY moving projects. Before you pack any of your furniture, make sure to have:

  • bubble wrap and plastic stretch wrap
  • packing tape and sealable plastic bags;
  • moving blankets, sofa, and mattress covers;
  • corrugated cardboard sheets you can purchase at Amazon website;
  • Furniture pads.

Even if you will need to invest your money if some extra protective packing materials, you will not regret it. If you have all these materials before you start packing your furniture, you will be sure you will avoid damaging your valuable furniture. This will save you a lot of money and energy.

Clean your furniture and get enough space to prepare it for transport

Now when you have all you need to properly pack and transport heavy furniture from Kendall to Aventura, make sure to check will you need to clean and dust your furniture first. If your furniture is not clean as it should be, take time to dust and clean it thoroughly. Also, remove all debris that could scratch surfaces during transport. Even if your move is urgent, you should not skip this step. When you pack and transport clean furniture to your new home, you will not need a lot of time to place and use it after you arrive. So take the advice from our residential movers Miami and don’t relocate uncleaned furniture pieces ever.

Modern gray cabinet
Take time to dismantle your closets and cabinets.

Dismantle it before you pack and move heavy furniture from Kendall to Aventura

If your big day is near, it is time to disassemble most of your furniture. Once you do it, your furniture will become much easier to move, carry and load onto the moving truck. After dismantling, your furniture is also easier to pack and protect. So, prepare moving boxes and packing materials you will need to put aside all removable parts of your furniture. Also, prepare tools you will need to remove legs, tops, knobs, and other parts of your furniture. Don’t rush and note where did you pack removable parts of your heavy furniture.

Be careful and avoid common mistakes

Now that you know what steps you should take, we hope it will be easy for you to pack and transport heavy furniture from Kendall to Aventura. Remember, be careful when packing each of your furniture pieces. Whether you will enlist furniture movers or not, don’t lift heavy furniture pieces by yourself. Also, make sure to stick to the plan. We wish you safely transported furniture!