How to move house sustainably in Davie

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking of a relocation? Well, piles and piles of moving boxes, of course! While they are the best option for packing your belongings for the move, they aren’t really eco-friendly. Not everyone chooses to recycle them after they move, and they usually end up in the trash. Some people decide to fill their storage Miami with it – this is a good option to use them again. But, you can move house sustainably and we’re here to help you do it. Read on to learn how it’s done!

recycling symbol on a phone on a shopping tote
Sustainable relocation is possible – all it takes is a few little changes and you can be more eco-friendly.

It’s not hard to move house sustainably

Now that we were talking about packing, let’s present a few options that are more sustainable than others. For instance, instead of using a bunch of cardboard moving boxes, you can use plastic bins to pack for the move. This way, you can use them later to put some items in storage. Let’s imagine you are moving at the last minute and that you don’t have time to get the moving boxes you need. You’ll be in the same boat! How about using your gym bag, suitcases, and backpacks to pack as many things as you can? Even grocery tote bags and black garbage bags can be used in this case.

two cardboard boxes on a desk
Using cardboard boxes isn’t ideal for a move, especially not if you’re not planning to recycle them later.

In case you really want to use cardboard boxes, try getting those that were already used! For instance, the boxes you got your electronics and appliances can be used in your moving process. You can always ask your Miami movers for advice, but we are sure they will be more than happy to provide options to be more sustainable in this relocation.

Downsize and donate the items you no longer need

Before your moving day rolls around, you should decide if you really want to relocate everything. If you have some items you no longer need or use, consider donating them! If you want to move house sustainably, giving back to the community is a way to do it. In fact, most moving companies Davie FL recommend that you go through your belongings before you relocate. It will help you have a fresh start and save some money in the moving process! The less you put in the moving truck, the less you’ll have to pay to the movers in the end. 

Don’t rush to pack your utensils and dishes

What most people do when they are moving is that they pack their kitchen completely. After the move, they resort to using plastic utensils and plates. These aren’t very eco-friendly, as you can assume. If you can, pack one plate and a set of utensils per person in your essentials moving box. That way, you won’t be hurting the environment and you’ll have something to eat with.