How to maintain productivity when moving office in Miami

You decided on moving your business to the greener pastures. But the problem is – how to maintain productivity when moving office in Miami? Sometimes those kinds of moves can bleed the business dry if not executed properly. You must organize like a pro, pack, coordinate your employees, and search for reliable moving companies Miami Dade. Not to mention the budget involved in this story. So, it is a lot at stake here and we are here to help you organize better and make it all work like a charm. So, let’s take a look at the guide we prepared for you.

Set a moving date first

As soon as you decide to move you must set a moving date. You can’t maintain productivity when moving office in Miami or create any plans without a date and a budget. Both will dictate your entire organization including the process and all the people involved. So, set a date that is most convenient to the whole management and most of the employees. Then, start working on your plan and figure out if you can support it with the budget available. Inspect your assets and realize how complex your move will be so you can know how much it will cost. Only then you can start looking for one of the best luxury moving company in the area.

man stressing out
Figure out the time you have before you must relocate and organize accordingly.

Inspect your new offices and layout a business plan

The next step is to inspect your new offices. You must know what to expect and to take all the measurements for many reasons. You can’t know which moving services Miami you need, and your movers do not know what kind of approach to take to this relocation. Also, they must prepare the right tools and equipment for the job. Moreover, you must review the blueprint of the building so you can better set up all your systems, lunch areas, working space, etc. If you have all the information in your hands, you will maintain productivity when moving office in Miami. And remember to note down all the staircases and elevators because your movers will need this info. Once you have it all on paper, you can start packing and start preparing for the transition.

Find a trustworthy moving company to help you maintain productivity when moving office in Miami

Once you start looking for movers, you want to browse the internet and narrow your search down by comparing services, reviews, and prices. Do not neglect social media because people leave valuable reviews, feedbacks, and comments about their previous experience with the moving companies. Also, check if your movers are licensed, have all the tools, and have a specialized business moving team. You want to aim for a team with enough experience and knowledge to relocate your office safely. Once you find commercial movers Miami you like, give them a call, and confirm they are legit and up to the task. Communicate all the details and obtain moving quotes. If you are satisfied with the outcome, assemble a moving contract and set a moving date.

the right moving company will help you maintain productivity when moving office in Miami
Browse online and find an adequate moving team to relocate your business.

Your coworkers can help you maintain productivity when moving office in Miami

Remember that you are not alone in this. Depending on the size of your business and the number of employees, you can make your relocation productive as much as it can be. And to maintain the productivity of your business at the highest levels. Simply engaging your coworkers into the moving process and layout a contingency plan is enough. Some of them will accept it gladly while others will oblige because they must. It might sound cruel but you are a team after all. And remember to reward them after a job well done. Maybe to share coupons for a lunch or toss in a small bonus on their next paycheck. Whatever makes it more convenient for you.

So, send out an email with all the information about the move and how the business should continue while you are in the middle of the relocation process. Assign tasks to team leaders or to a few individuals carrying the message and taking further responsibilities to execute tasks. Everyone should do their part and the result will be amazing.

Work on your moving budget

Depending on the size of the move, you must calculate your moving budget adequately. Yes, it might be hard to obtain the right numbers because there are many aspects and different situations to consider. And simply because you can’t control everything, you can’t know how much everything will cost. You can’t prepare for the unforeseen circumstances in the right way than to set aside a stretching budget. Therefore, calculate the right amount to cover the moving company, services, packing materials, errands, and other moving-related responsibilities. For everything else, keep a bit more on the side in case if anything pops up.

black calculator and money on the table
Prepare your budget on time and set aside a portion for possible surprises.


Finally, there is a ton of gruesome and boring paperwork to handle. Your legalities are usually handled by your HR and legal department. If you have one that is. But if you are running a smaller business, you are probably handling this by yourself or you have an accountant employed to cover this part. Nevertheless, you must do it in due time. At least a month before the relocation. All paperwork should be submitted and active on the other side. You can’t afford to have any problems with the change of address, contact info, or payroll. After all, you are not alone in this story. On the other hand, you must transfer some of the services as well. Consider the following:

  • Cell phone and landline services.
  • Internet and Wi-Fi services.
  • Set up a PO box.
  • Reroute your magazine and business-related subscriptions.

If you do it well in advance, you shouldn’t have any troubles later on. Stay on the safe side and avoid any possible lawsuits. And the final legal aspect of the story is the moving insurance. You must purchase one to ensure your assets are well secured and safely transferred to the new location. If you skip doing it, you won’t be able to make claims against a moving company in case of damages. Therefore, check with your movers what they offer and if you do not like it, purchase the real deal from the insurance company.

Now you know how to maintain productivity when moving office in Miami. Create a proper moving checklist, engage your coworkers, and find reliable movers. That is all. Good luck and stay safe.