How to find affordable movers

Figuring out the logistics of relocation is never an easy task. Especially if it’s your first time! There are a lot of aspects you need to pay attention to. Now, the last thing we want to do is scare you! When you’ve got the right team with you, moving doesn’t have to be at all intimidating. Of course, you always have the option to move by yourself. We’re not saying that’s a bad choice. But, if it’s your first time moving, then you should definitely consider hiring a professional moving company. We’ll give you a few tips on how to find reliable movers, avoid scams, and most importantly, save money! Here’s how you can easily find affordable movers, and not have to break your bank during the relocation process.

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There are many ways to save on your relocation – read on to learn what they are!

A short guide to help you find affordable movers

We understand that your goal is to stay within your set budget for this relocation. However, it is highly important to stress one thing. Reliable movers are far more helpful than anything else! If you’re choosing movers solely based on the moving estimate they give you, then you’re doing something wrong. You may be lucky and get great movers, but it won’t always go well. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams in the moving industry these days. That’s why it should be your number one priority to find someone you can fully rely on. Among those, you can surely find affordable movers!

Things to look out for when picking a moving company

  • Begin your search on time. Sometimes, you may be in a rush to move, and that is completely fine. However, when you’ve got the time, don’t be careless in your research. Talk to multiple companies and see which one will be a good fit for your situation.
  • Double-check each company’s credentials. We all know how easy it is to fake information on the internet. So, only consider companies who have been certified and have multiple reviews from previous clients.
  • See what kind of services they offer. Not every moving company will have the same services. Depending on your move, you may be in a need for long distance movers Florida, or you might need local movers. It’s all up to your situation and needs!
  • And of course, compare the prices the companies offer you. Some may be more expensive, but you can still easily find affordable movers. Pay attention to the type of contract they offer – there are a few different ones. Based on the type of contract you sign, the price may be fixed, or it can fluctuate during the moving process.

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    Be smart and do thorough research before hiring a moving company.

Types of moving estimates you can get when you want to find affordable movers

As we previously mentioned, there are a few different options you can get. Each moving company operates in a slightly different way. As we have been in this industry for a while, we’ll try to explain the difference between the two main kinds of moving estimates out there. There are pros and cons to each, and there is not a set estimate which is perfect for everyone. Analyze your situation first, and think carefully about which one will suit your needs.

What is a binding estimate?

These estimates are less common in the moving industry. A binding estimate means that you sign a contract with a set price for your entire relocation. The moving company then guarantees that this amount will not change, no matter what. You will not pay anything more, but you also won’t pay anything less. Be careful about this type of estimate, though. It has to be in writing, and the mover must provide you with a copy before they begin the moving process.

Non-binding estimates are far more common

Much like our movers Sunny Isles Beach, many others also offer non-binding estimates. These are especially common when you are moving long-distances and across state lines. Unlike the binding estimate, this one can change on your moving day. Your movers will give you an approximate projection of what your relocation will cost. They, however, have all the right to change that afterward. In case you choose to add more services, they will include that in the final bill as well. There are many things at stake during relocation, and some may even lessen your total price, such as the total weight of your belongings. Make sure you’ve got this one in writing as well! A good mover will always be honest and straightforward with their clients.

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Consider a few options when picking a mover – their estimates will differ and not all will be within your set budget.

You can always try to negotiate a better price

This technique won’t always be effective, but you can always give it a shot. Many moving companies will work with you to figure out the most affordable option for you. A moving company that doesn’t clearly state their prices and is trying to push their most expensive services is not a reliable one! When you find affordable movers, you will see that they aren’t necessarily the cheapest ones. A bad mover will be more expensive than a cheap one! More often than not, when you book them ahead of time, they will offer a lower price. If you’re a first-time customer or a recurring one, that can bring perks as well. Student discounts are a popular way for companies to attract new clients as well!

It doesn’t have to be hard to find affordable movers

This might be stating the obvious, but starting your relocation on time will be your biggest help here. You won’t only have enough time to talk to various companies, but will be able to book your moving date early. This can be quite a cheaper option than finding movers, let’s say, a week before you want to get on the road. Consider your options carefully and you’ll be able to save some cash in the end!