How to declutter before moving to another state

Packing your bags and moving to another city or country is a huge decision that requires some tinkering, good organizational skills, and a bit of your time. If you wish to do everything right, while maintaining your sanity, we advise you to seek professional help. Hiring Pro Movers Miami is the first step towards the successful relocation process. But before you start packing it would be good to revise your belongings. In other words, you should do a decluttering tour of your home. So how to do it? How to declutter home before moving? For this reason, we are going to use this article to show you some of the best decluttering strategies. So, grab a cup of coffee, prepare some snacks, and let’s see what you can do.

Benefits of getting rid of unnecessary items

Cleaning your home and getting rid of useless junk has many advantages and it’s something that you should do regardless of whether you are moving or not. Living in a clean and organized space should always be your priority.

  • It’s easier to live in a garbage-free apartment. Clean living space is the key to being effective and efficient. Furthermore, you are beginning a new chapter in your life, and you want to do it with a clean and organized apartment.
  • Better for mental health. The state of your surroundings dictates the state of your mind.
  • Easier to pack. You will slim down the chances of leaving something behind if you are not surrounded by a pile of random items.
  • Moving quotes. The price of every move is calculated by multiplying two main factors. The distance of the move and the total weight of your shipment. In other words, the less stuff you transport, the less you will pay for the move.
  • Easier to unpack. By the same token, the unpacking process will be a lot easier if you discard some of your belongings prior to the move.

    Picture of a man throwing paper in a garbage bin.
    There are three main ways to declutter before moving: sell, donate, and throw out

How to be sure what to throw out

People are emotional beings. We tent to get attached to simple household items because we relate them with dear memories. Sometimes people decide to keep their stuff because they believe they will use them sometime in the future. In reality, if you haven’t been using something for the past six months, the chances that you will ever need it are quite slim. Furthermore, when you hoard stuff like that, you will probably have a hard time finding anything in all that mess. What usually happens is that you will end up buying something that was buried somewhere deep in your garage. This is absurd, don’t you think? So, what we advise you to do is to take a tour around your house and make a list of all things that you believe are surplus to requirements. Only then you can call moving companies Plantation Florida to help you with packing and relocation.

Simple ways to declutter before moving

You are planning to conduct a long-distance move, right? Then this is probably the perfect opportunity to throw away everything that you are not using anymore. And every home is full of items that are just sitting there and attracting dust and allergens. There are several ways to do this:

  • Sell stuff online. Before you start throwing stuff out, try to sell anything you believe is of some value. Take photos of your belongings and see if you can sell them online. You will be surprised at how much money you can earn.
  • Consider donating. This could be your chance to give something back to the community. There is a lot of people that might find your old clothes perfectly usable. There are many people in need, so don’t miss your chance to be helpful. It will cost you absolutely nothing.
  • Visit your local dumpster. We all have a lot of trash piled-up in our basements or attics. Don’t let the emotional side of you prevail, and throw out anything that is just garbage.

    Picture of a storage unit. Declutter before moving by storing your items in a warehouse
    You can temporarily rent a storage unit to make your home tidy

Declutter before moving by renting a storage unit

If you don’t have enough space in your apartment or home, renting a storage unit could be a great solution. Like we already said, to declutter before relocation means getting rid of stuff that is surplus to requirements, not to store them. But what if you can sell those items online and earn some money? Maybe you won’t be able to sell them immediately, and in this case, renting a storage unit makes perfect sense. So, how to choose a quality storage unit?

  • Safety standards. Check if the storage facility has video monitoring systems, guards, and quality locks. The safety of your belongings is the top priority.
  • Climate-controlled units. Most moving companies offer climate-controlled units that protect your stuff from harsh outside factors like extreme heat or cold. Also, climate-controlled units will prevent mold and mildew from appearing.
  • Accessibility. Is it possible to approach the storage unit with a van or a truck? Is the storage facility open on weekends and holidays? Ask these questions.

    Picture of a garage sale sign
    One of the best ways to sell your old stuff is to organize a garage sale

Declutter before moving by organizing a garage sale

When you have decided what you are going to transport to your new address it is time to sell those leftover items. We already mentioned selling them online, but you can also organize a garage or yard sale.

  • Arrange your belongings so that shoppers can see everything that you have on offer
  • Don’t forget to put a sign in front of your house
  • Set reasonable prices for your belongings. Your primary goal is to get rid of these items so you must be prepared to sell them below the price if it’s necessary

All things considered, you should always look for ways to declutter before moving. Decluttering is one of the best ways to successfully organize a move and make the whole process a lot easier.