How to decide if you should renovate or move your home in Fort Lauderdale

It’s pretty common for people to wonder whether they should renovate their house, or move somewhere else. Both require substantial money, time, and effort. But what’s the better option? Generally, speaking, there’s no single best option. It’s going to depend on your factors. However, what you can do is research and read about these factors and make up your mind. It will all depend on the current market trends, your home value, but also on your family’s wishes. Both of these things are really stressful, so make everyone is on board with it. In the end, deciding whether you should renovate or move your home in Fort Lauderdale rests solely on you. Moving companies in Florida can help you if you decide to move, and there are plenty of other companies for your renovations. The question then is how much money you want to invest into either of them.

Reasons for which you should renovate your home

Moving to another city, or even state is exhausting. There are a bunch of hidden and unexpected costs, and your life is going to be vastly different. Your children will change schools, you will need to find a new job, and so on. Those are some of the reasons why people decide they’re going to do home renovations instead. By doing so, you’re not creating a huge change in your life. You’re going to make your home fit your needs better. Customizing the rooms and furniture can be a great thing to do if you’re one of the more creative people. Also, if you do plan to move at some point, renovating the home will increase its market price. It’s a long-term investment! And finally, chances are that the renovation is going to be cheaper than a move.

A house undergoing major renovations, with ladders on the walls and etc, something a lot of people do in Fort Lauderdale, instead of choosing to move.
When thinking about whether to renovate or move your home in Fort Lauderdale think about all the benefits and costs.

What are some negative aspects of renovating your home?

There are going to be lots of unexpected costs. We always overlook or forget to account for something, and are surprised when it pops up on the bill later on. Moreover, depending on how long the workers are going to be around – your living space is going to shrink. For example, if you’re renovating your living room it’s probably not going to be available for some period of time. Some people also go to live somewhere else during the period – so think about those costs, as well. If you have pets, some companies will prefer if you lock them in a single room or take them to a pet hotel for a while.

Bottom line – whether or not to renovate your home in Fort Lauderdale

The average cost of a house renovation in the US is $46,503. On the other hand, the median sale point for homes in Fort Lauderdale is $491,000. That’s a jump of over %955! While those are the prices you should consider only if you’re moving to another home in the same city, the logic remains in any case. A home in the US that costs less than $46,000 is simply either rare or too small. So, to save money – renovate. On the other hand, prepare for some disturbances in your home, and potential extra costs. Chances are, it’s going to be loud in there for quite some time. It’s a good idea to get down with other household members to discuss all of these concerns before deciding whether to renovate or move your home in Fort Lauderdale. To do it more quickly, consider hiring professionals.

Should you sell and move your home in Fort Lauderdale

Even though renovating is by far the most popular option in the US – lots of people decide to move elsewhere. The average salary in Fort Lauderdale is 20 percent higher than the US average. That’s a good amount, but there are probably better opportunities out there. Lots of the time, people move to another state because of the better work opportunities they offer. Moreover, if you yearn for a bigger city – Miami is not too far away. Relocating there is going to be really cheap. To see by how much, getting moving quotes Miami based moving companies offer. When you compare that price to any potential renovation costs, you’ll see what makes more sense. Naturally, it’s going to cost more than a renovation – but you also get way more out of it. A new environment, perhaps a new job, better schools for your kids, and so on.

A key in the key hole on a door, symbolizing buying new a new property, something you'll need to think about when thinking whether to renovate or move your home in Fort Lauderdale.
There are a lot of benefits to buying property instead of renovating your old place.

Bad aspects of selling your home

Depending on the type of the year, it might be a bad idea to sell your home right now. But never make such a huge choice based just on the situation of the property market. Market circumstances are merely one aspect of the picture. Your personal situation is more important. That is, the optimal moment to sell a property is when your personal circumstances and the market align. What does that mean? Well, if you are not in a financial situation right now to cash out lots of money – perhaps it’s a bad idea. Or rather, if you aren’t ready for a new loan. Consider how it’s going to affect your family. If you’re not moving during the summer, your kids will need to miss school. And then there’s a lot of paperwork to be done, finding a good moving company Fort Lauderdale offers, and so on. Consider the following:

  • Hire only reliable, professional movers who have good reviews.
  • Get all the paperwork done – your voting registration, social security, Medicare, changing your children’s schools, and so on.
  • Seek out any potential work opportunities and schools in advance, so you can choose your new city/ town based on that.
  • Put on paper all cons and pros of whether you should renovate or move your home in Fort Lauderdale and discuss it with your family.
  • Pe prepared to invest both time, effort, and money into either of those.
Beige concrete house in Fort Lauderdale undergoing major renovation.
Moving and buying a new home requires a lot of things, so make sure you use a moving checklist to get them all covered.

Making up your mind on whether you should move out of Fort Lauderdale

Will all this information, you can make a better decision. You’ve probably relocated in the past, so that aspect is going to be nothing new. If you do want to do it, start preparing early on. There’s lots of paperwork that you need to do, as well as the process of finding reliable moving companies. Considering the potential extra costs, it’s also recommended you buy moving insurance. That way, you’re safe in case anything goes south. It’s a similar situation in case you’re going to be renovating your current house. Hiring professionals is the best option, unless you’re doing something small – in which case you wouldn’t consider a move anyway. In any case, the question of whether to renovate or move your home in Fort Lauderdale depends on you. So, do lots of research and make up your mind. Just give yourself plenty of time ahead.