How to deal with residential and commercial relocation at the same time

There is a huge difference between commercial and residential relocation. Mostly, people are not aware of the differences. Residential moving is usually simpler. You have to pack, transport, and unpack your possessions at your new home. The commercial relocation is much more complex. In fact, there are two possible scenarios for commercial relocation. You may have an office with employees and a lot of things to move. Or you can have a home office. In that case, it means that you are doing your own, remote business. All this shows the complexity of organizing and carrying out the residential and commercial relocation at the same time. Luckily, you can always rely on the services of Miami moving and storage company. With years of experience, they will know how to solve this type of relocation.

The biggest problem in commercial relocation is downtime

Regardless of you are moving your big office, or your home office, you will face downtime. And in both cases, you will try to minimize that period. Having the office at a location other than your home, you can delegate remote work to some employees. That way, the office will be able to keep operating on some simple tasks. The employees will keep in contact with customers, and suppliers. Also, they can complete a lot of other tasks:

  • Changing the office address
  • Taking care of utilities in the old and new office
  • Contact the bank to change needed data
  • Organize meetings for you at the partners’ locations (you will be very busy, so keep this task at a minimum)
  • Keep in contact with people remodeling the new office premises
  • Organizing cleaning services in the old and new office

    Women and man surrounded with moving boxes – doing residential and commercial relocation at the same time.
    When doing residential and commercial relocation at the same time, enlist help.

Working remotely from your home office

Maybe you are working remotely, from the home office. If so, while the movers are packing your office, think about alternatives. You can still carry on with some of your tasks. For example, you can download the zoom application to your cell phone. So, you will be able to hold online meetings with clients. Of course, some projects will have to be postponed. But, you will not be unavailable. And in case of some simple tasks, you can complete them using your laptop. Most importantly, you will keep your clients satisfied.

You can organize residential and commercial relocation at the same time in various ways

In case you are having a big office and your home at different places, you will need all possible help. You can make an agreement with commercial movers Miami. So, they can take over preparations in your office. Also, you should ask the department managers to cooperate with them. And the manager will inform you about the preparation progress. Of course, you will also have to get involved in creating the moving budget. Residential and commercial relocation at the same time will be rather expensive. So, you will have to take care of all expenses. And find the possible savings wherever it is possible.

Appoint a family member to supervise the home preparations

Whit many tasks to take care of, you will have to be “everywhere”. So, apply the same principle as in the office. You will have to go to meetings. And to keep in communication with the moving company. You will also have to get the packing materials once the decluttering is completed.  And you will have to do it for the office and for the home. So, appoint a family member to supervise the home preparations. In case you are single, ask a good friend to help you with this task. That will give you time to successfully follow and coordinate both relocations.

Get professional help for your residential relocation

With both office and home at the move, it is a good idea to hire additional assistance. Hiring the residential movers Miami will help you a lot with your home relocation. That way, you will still have to supervise work at two locations. But, you will be calm knowing that all your possessions are in safe hands. And you will know that both preparations will be completed timely. So, you will not have to change your moving dates.

Cables in various colors connected to a device.
When moving, you will have to disconnect all your electrical devices.

How to organize residential and commercial relocation at the same time when you have a home office

This combined relocation should be a bit easier. At least, you will not have to supervise two different locations. And a small home office is not having so many electronics as a big commercial office. So, preparing the home office for relocation will demand less time. Also, you will not lose time traveling from one to another location. And you will have some spare time to get involved in decluttering and packing.

Moreover, you will be able to supervise all preparations easily. And the whole move will be much cheaper, as you will have fewer things to move. And also, the preparation time will be shorter. Thus, the engagement of the moving assistants will also be needed for a shorter period.

In case of relocating the home office, you will have a bit more time for your work

This may be good for your job. Your office equipment will be disconnected and packed, but you will have more time. So, you will be able to complete more tasks for the clients. Also, the moving period will be considerably faster. And that also means that you will face much shorter downtime.

Man is standing and working on laptop placed at the adjustable office desk.
After the move, reward yourself with an adjustable desk.

Also, hiring white glove packing will spare you from hard work. But it will also give you additional time to get engaged in the other projects. The cost of hiring the white glove help is a bit hire. However, they have the skills and all supplies and equipment to safely pack all your possessions. And, at the same time, you will have the possibility to complete more projects. And to earn more. You can even get some more customers that you would otherwise miss packing your things. That way, with their engagement, you will ultimately benefit.

After combined relocation, you deserve a nice, and stylish home and office

Dealing with residential and commercial relocation at the same time was a hard task. However, you made good organization, supervising, and coordinating both relocations. Also, you had excellent help from one of the most reliable moving companies. Now. after the relocation is successfully completed, you can relax. And you can treat the family and yourself by creating a nice, stylish home. Also, sitting too much in the office can present a danger to your health. So, for a successful relocation, you can reward yourself with getting an adjustable desk. So, you can work standing or sitting. Also, be sure that your customers will be impressed with your new, elegant desk. Additionally, it will give a professional atmosphere to your home office.