How to communicate to staff when moving an office

Moving an office is so much different than moving house. There is a lot of responsibility on you as the owner and you have to keep track of more tasks than you would when moving to Florida with your family. Pro Movers Miami are here to show you a few key things to keep in mind when moving your business, but mostly how to communicate to staff when moving an office. No matter if you only have 10 employees or you have a hundred or more, they are all equally important. As the owner, it is your job and responsibility to make sure their needs are met and that communication flows well in your company. So, let’s get started! 

The importance of knowing how to communicate to staff when moving an office

If you do everything properly, office relocation doesn’t have to disrupt your workflow. Learn how to handle it well and your employees will thank you! It’s a challenge and a tough one at that, but it doesn’t have to cause chaos in your workspace. Proper communication will make sure everyone is happy and everyone understands what will have to get done. First things first, inform them of the move on time. That way, they’ll have plenty of time to prepare and ask you questions. In case you prolong this, and rumors start spreading around the office about the move, they may stop trusting you as much as they did.

team working at an office on computers
Let your employees know on time that you will be moving the office – some may not want to move to a new location with you.

Inform them what needs to be done and set clear goals for the future

In case your team needs to help out with the move, let them know but don’t push too hard. Some of them may not have the time to assist you, and that’s okay. If you need extra help during your move, you can always hire office movers Miami and be sure they will do the job right. Additionally, your employees need to know what will be the benefits of this move. You should get them excited about it, by discussing together what your goals can be and maybe even making a countdown to moving day. Little things matter, and small acts of kindness such as thank you messages or a party at your new location can easily lift the spirits of the entire office.

person working at a laptop
Including your employees in your relocation planning can make a big difference.

Moving your office long-distance may also mean you will lose a few employees. Not everyone will want to uproot their lives and move for a job. Therefore, this is another thing you need to communicate with them before the move. Even moving to a neighboring town may increase someone’s commute and they might resign and find a new position. Be reasonable with your team on this matter – a leader who is supportive is so much more welcome than the one who isn’t.

In the end, moving your office takes a long time and proper planning. Discussing it all with your teammates and employees is crucial for smooth business relocation. It doesn’t have to be hard to move an office, especially not if you get professional help!