How to budget for an office relocation from Downtown Miami to Marathon

Compared to Downtown Miami, Marathon has definitely a higher living standard. Whenever you move from a place with lower prices to the one where prices are higher, you try to save some money. It’s totally normal and helps with every relocation. It’s especially important when you are moving big, like office relocation from Downtown Miami to Marathon. There is so much stuff you have to pay attention to and try to spend as less as you can. Let us help you do it and make your relocation quick and easy. Your business won’t even feel it happened.

What to know about office relocation from Downtown Miami to Marathon

People sometimes make the mistake of not doing their research before they schedule a relocation with movers Downtown Miami. They tend to think that since they are both in the same state, the difference in cost of living can’t be big between Miami and Marathon. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. That’s why it’s good to do your research Marathon is smaller than Miami but it has a higher cost of living. You need to make sure you’re moving to a place you can afford. A lot of people tend to only look at the cost of living after they’ve moved and it makes for a very unpleasant surprise. It’s no less important with an office relocation than it is with a home relocation.

Two women are writting on a board.
Good office relocation from Downtown Miami to Marathon always starts with a lot of planning.

 Plan the move in advance

Planning might seem like something minor, but planning is actually crucial to saving money. If you have a date, you know how much time you have to prepare. Use that time to determine everyone’s duties. Also, make sure you spend some of that time searching for the right moving company. You need affordable and reliable movers Marathon FL has to offer if you want your relocation to go smoothly. To do all of that, you need to start preparing at least one month in advance. Office relocation from Downtown Miami to Marathon might sound like something simple, but once you start organizing it, you’ll realize that’s definitely not true. Here are a few things to pay attention to:

  • Which people from the office will be moving with you
  • How much office furniture is there to move
  • How will you keep the business going during the relocation
  • Will you DIY move or hire professionals

Pay attention to all these questions and you’ll have a thorough and efficient relocation.

Find a benchmark for the budget

Even though you can’t precisely calculate how much it’ll cost, you can still make an estimate. There are a lot of details you’ll have to pay attention to. There are some smaller segments of the relocation that need a budget as well. For example how big will be the budget for the best moving companies in Miami or how much will you have to spend on moving supplies. So, since all of that makes a precise estimate impossible, you’ll have to come up with a rough number. That way, if it’s too high, you can immediately start thinking about where to make cuts. A lot of people think that’s unnecessary and once their project, like office relocation from Downtown Miami to Marathon, is over they have to pay a small fortune for the whole deal.

There is a big table and a lot of chairs in the meeting room.
Sometimes, it’s cheaper to sell all your furniture and buy new in the place you’re moving to.

Employees should help with office relocation from Downtown Miami to Marathon

Maybe you are the owner of the company you’re relocating to. Maybe you’re just an employee or maybe you are in the top management. No matter, you have every right to ask other employees for help. If you have partners in the company, share your tasks with them. Relocation is no joke, so everyone has to put in 100% of their attention and energy. It’s just not good to leave every aspect to one person. If one guy has to do everything, chances are there will be a lot of segments he messed up. So, find as many people in the office who have time to help. One person should be searching for commercial movers Miami has to offer. Someone else should find out what stuff will be moved and what will stay. Another employee should come with a rough price for the whole deal.

Will you be using old or getting new?

It’s different when you deal with furniture in your home and in an office. The office furniture has no sentimental value and it’s often a bit heavier. That means you’ll have to pay more for transporting it to another location. A lot of times, people will rather sell the furniture like desks and chairs, as well as lockers, and use all that money to buy new furniture once they move to the new place. This is a tricky thing to do. Do it only if you know you’ll get the same amount of money for your sold furniture as you need to buy new ones. Otherwise, it’s not profitable for your company. Any office relocation from Downtown Miami to Marathon has this moment when you opt between these two options.

Think about the future and get a bigger place so you can avoid another relocation.

Have a vision

If you’re moving because your business is growing, it’s a big deal that you should keep in mind. Don’t get a place that is exactly the size you need. Find a place that’s a bit bigger because your company will keep growing. Florida is a great state for start-ups with so many flourishing businesses. You will also send a message to your clients by getting a bigger place. Once they see prosperity and ambition, they will be much more open to investing in your company.

What if your office relocation from Downtown Miami to Marathon is into a smaller place?

It’s totally fine if you’re moving into a smaller space if you want to cut some costs and therefore save a significant amount of money. Lots of businesses do that. However, that might make you rent a storage Miami. Maybe you don’t want to throw away some valuable stuff from your old place and the new one is too small for your stuff. That’s why it’s a great solution to rent a nice and safe storage space for all your stuff.