How much does it cost to rent a storage unit in Miami?

Moving often means storing your items in a safe place for a few days or months. Even if you don’t move, there are many reasons to keep your items in a storage unit. Even renovation, when you just need to move some things out of your way, is a good reason to find storage. People also store items at the end of the summer season when they no longer need summer or winter equipment. Whatever the reason for storing may be, it is very useful to know how much it actually costs to rent a storage unit in Miami. We have prepared this useful guide. It will show you all the factors that influence the final cost of renting a storage unit. Luckily, you don’t have to doubt the quality of storage units Miami, as the quality has been brought to perfection for anyone who wants to store the units.

What are the reasons for renting a storage unit in Miami?

Whatever the reasons for renting a storage unit, you can always find what you are looking for in Miami. Even when you are just moving locally and need the services of local movers Miami, renting a storage unit is a great idea and a good solution. Furthermore, you don’t even need to be relocating to use a storage unit. As we have already mentioned, using a storage unit for keeping seasonal clothes safe is something that many people have been doing over the recent years. There is no need that winter jackets which you only use when you travel on a holiday take up space in your Miami apartment.

Storage units with blue door
It has a lot of benefits to rent a storage unit in Miami

In addition to that, when you are renovating a house, a storage unit is something you probably won’t be able to function without. You will have so many bulky items and furniture, so extra space is what you certainly need. You won’t have to move around all the items and lose precious time on that task. When you have all this in mind and still wonder whether renting a storage unit in Miami is a good idea, we can assure you that it is. Don’t hesitate and do it.

Renting storage if you are a business owner

If you are in the middle of business relocation in Miami, and you need to contact reliable commercial movers Miami, then you need storage now more than ever. Office relocation is a really complex process that requires involvement from a lot of people. Sometimes there can be some problems with the relocation schedule, or you will have to start working without making a plan of where should you put which piece of furniture. Or, maybe you are relocating to smaller premises, but you don’t want to get rid of the old furniture for good. All these are reasons enough to rent storage in Miami and finish your office relocation without stress.

Miami buildings and water
Life in Miami is hectic and you often need extra space

Also, if you are an owner of a restaurant, you may be surprised how restaurant owners may benefit from a storage unit. It is especially good to use short term storage in this case, since you may be improving your business, opening more restaurants, or changing your location. Whatever the reasons for renting a storage unit, there are always valid ones to do so in Miami. Life in this city is hectic, and you always need something extra, especially when it comes to space for keeping your items.

Rent a storage unit in Miami at a reasonable price

The price will vary depending on several factors that we will now present to you. When you know all of them, it will be easier for you to calculate the final price, and adjust it to your needs if necessary. However, there is something you need to keep in mind. Renting a storage unit is usually affordable, even in Miami, which for some people can have a pretty high cost of living. In any case, you will pay a lot less for a storage unit, than for an additional room of the same size in an apartment or a house. Keep this in mind if you are looking for a place to rent and you are looking for a bigger one just because you have a lot of belongings. Keep reading to see which factors affect the cost of a storage unit.

Size of the storage unit

The size of the unit is one of the most defining factors for the final cost of renting. However, it is important to choose the appropriate size of the storage unit, so that your items are never at risk of getting damaged. Here are the self-storage unit sizes and what can fit into them:

  • 5` x 10` storage unit – It is a fairly small storage unit, and you can store around a dozen boxes here, or a piece of furniture such as a sofa, closet, or a chest of drawers. The average price of this storage unit size is $89 a month. A unit of this size is ideal for college students if they can’t fit all of their belongings in their dorm room.
  • 10` x 10 storage unit – A space large enough to store a one-bedroom apartment, including the larger appliances and some furniture. The average price of this storage unit size is $148.
  • 10` x 20` storage unit – Here you can store a two or even three-bedroom home, depending on the size of the rooms. All of your furniture and appliances can fit in here. The average price of this Miami storage unit size is $263.
Pain rollers on the floor
Use storage when you redecorate

Consult the professionals

Think about what suits your needs best, and feel free to consult the storage staff about the size of the storage unit that will fit your needs. When you want to rent a storage unit in Miami, make sure that your storage unit is neither too small, nor too large. There is no need to pay more for larger storage if you won’t be using all the space. Also, if you know how to pack your belongings properly, you will need less space and you will have to rent a smaller unit. You can always use packing services Miami if you are not sure how to do it on your own. This way you will save space, and time, and reduce your monthly costs.

The location of the storage unit is important

Downtown Miami storage units have the highest prices. The suburbs always offer a lower price for storing your items, so choose wisely. In case you live in downtown Miami but you do not need your items at all for a few months, you should rent a unit farther away from the center. You will pay less for storage, but that will not affect your quality of life. Our advice is not to look at the storage units that are near your home if you can find cheaper units a bit further away.

Couple holding moving boxes
If you organize it properly, you will need a smaller unit

Every dollar you save can be spent on something else that you need, and if you want to move to Miami it will soon become clear that there is never enough money. Of course, if you need to use your stored items a few times a month,  this is not doable. It wouldn’t pay off to gravel every few weeks to get some of the items from your storage in Miami.

When we combine the size of a storage unit with its location, we get different prices. For example, a 5 x 5 unit in a location that is not so attractive, can go from $10. The average price of this unit is $79. A little bigger storage unit, 10 x 10, has an average price of $124. This is the case if you decide not to rent out of Miami. In the suburbs, it would cost 24 dollars. Storage units with the sizes of 10 x 10 and 10 x 15 cost both 2o dollars. Of course, if you rent them outside the downtown. However, the average prices differ and they are 198 and 260 dollars, respectively.

Climate-controlled storage unit or not?

Depending on the type of your items, you may want to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. The more valuable items you store, the greater the chances are that they will require appropriate temperatures. With climate-controlled storage units, you can avoid issues such as a change in the structure of the material. Also, avoid changes in the odor of your items, and similar. While these units are very useful, the price is significantly higher than the regular storage units. You will pay more than 20% higher price renting a climate-controlled storage unit rather than the regular one. However, if you are storing a piano, for example, it is much cheaper to store it properly, rather than see it get damaged.

Packed moving boxes in a living room
Keep the items in a climate-controlled unit

Of course, if you are storing some items for which you are not sure whether they need to be stored in a climate-controlled unit, you can still keep them in there. Climate-controlled storage units can’t do any damage to your items. This is the case even if some of them don’t need to be kept under such conditions. The only downside to storing items in climate-controlled storage is the fact that they cost more. However, there is a solution for that also. If you organize your items well, you can use a smaller unit. Also, to do so, you don’t have to pay the professionals. Do it properly, and it will save you time and money.

Full-service or self-service

You can hire movers to pick, pack, and store your items. Or, you can do it on your own. There is a difference. Of course, the price can go significantly higher if you hire people to do it for you. But, on the plus side, you will not have to lift a finger. This means you will save time and energy along the way. Pro Movers Miami company has been in the business for years and knows how to make your relocation easy and stress-free.

Duration of storage

When you rent a storage unit in Miami, the duration of storage will play an important role when it comes to pricing. Although there are many benefits of short-term storage rental in Miami, the longer you store your items in Miami, the lower the price will be. Always check on the website of a storage facility. Many of them offer to store your items for free for an entire month. Also, do not miss discounts, as they can significantly lower the price of storing in Miami.

process of renovation
You need to move the things out of your way when renovating

Insurance is one of the crucial things when renting a storage unit

When you store your items, you will part from them for several months or just days. Anyhow, you will not have complete control over them, and accidents can happen everywhere. Theft, floods, or any other external factor can cause you to lose your belongings. That is why it is important to have insurance when you rent a storage unit in Miami. If your storage facility does not offer insurance, they can always connect you with a third-party insurance provider. This will make the price go a bit higher, however, insurance is always worth every penny. In addition to that, there are always ways to add extra protection to your storage units.

We have seen all the factors that can influence the final price of storing your belongings when you rent a storage unit in Miami. The size, type, and location all affect the cost of the unit. Find the perfect storage unit that will provide the best possible service, at a reasonable price. Good luck!