How do military families move with ease?

Usually, military families are having trouble with moving logistics. Simply because military personnel is being transferred and they are moving all the time. They are not staying in one place for more than a year or so, depending on their job within the army. Therefore, we must help military families move a bit easier. So, let us explain how to pack, organize, and search for moving companies in Florida that can speed up the process significantly. Let’s take a look.

Military families move with a good relocation plan

For any kind of move, you must have a good relocation plan. Military families move the same way especially because most of them move frequently. Therefore, if this is your first relocation, you should have the moving checklist ready. It should contain all the furniture and household items you possess. Also, you must know how many packing materials are required to pack everything. At some point, you can get relocated and you must move within a week so you can expect a last-minute move at any moment. Having a moving checklist and an inventory list will come in handy in that situation. Moreover, you should inspect the environment as well to be sure it is safe to work in. Just measure all hallways, staircases, corridors, and doors. Your moving companies Coral Gables will need this information when assembling your moving plan.

two people discussing a plan
Military families must have a carefully laid out moving plan they can use in the future as well.

Military families move with the right moving company

Obviously, you want to move with a high end moving company, and the easiest way to find one is to search on the internet. Simply type in your search criteria and you will find a few eligible moving companies you can use. Browse through their services, read reviews, and compare prices across the board. Soon enough you will narrow your choices down to the top three. Once you do, inspect them a bit further by checking social media networks, obtaining referrals if possible, or word of mouth. Try to confirm the legitimacy of your moving company before you give them a call. And when you do, confirm they have the following:

  • Licenses and permits.
  • All required moving services.
  • Competitive prices and moving insurance.
  • Safety protocols and standards.
  • Knowledge, expertise, and experience.
  • Tools, equipment, and appropriate vehicles for the job.

These are the mandatory requirements all moving companies should possess if they want to do legit business within the moving industry. If they do not cover it, you shouldn’t consider doing business with said company. Therefore, include everything we mentioned in your search and you will avoid all unpleasantries, hidden costs, and fraudulent movers.

The appropriate moving service is needed

One of the reasons why military families move with ease is the moving services they chose. Or should we say, they can move easily if they choose the right moving services? So, depending on the complexity of your relocation, you will pick the appropriate moving package. And you will know which one to choose only after your movers provide the moving quote. Once they do, you will be offered to choose one or several moving services Miami that can make your relocation five times easier.

military families move frequently
You can carry everything yourself or purchase a service and let your movers do it instead. Think about it.

For example, just imagine you do not have to pack at all. Yes, it is entirely possible. The packing service is one of the most utilized ones. Movers will bring all the materials, pack, load the moving truck, relocate, unload, and unpack. Amazing, right. What is astonishing is the fact that this service is affordable to anyone out there. Then, there are storage services, local and long-distance relocation, specific services like piano moving, artwork moving, etc. Hence, choose the right combination of moving services for you and make your relocation a pleasant experience. More importantly, a safe one.

Free onsite estimates

To obtain the moving quote and get your amazing moving services, you must let your movers realize the complexity of the situation. The best way to do it is to utilize free onsite estimates. Although, note that even this service is free, movers won’t ask you to use it. You must ask them. Movers always prefer to schedule everything via the phone or over the website. It is faster and more convenient for them. But for you as a customer, it is much safer and better to let them come over and evaluate everything on site.

Therefore, ask them to send over a moving representative who will weigh your cargo, inspect the environment, measure everything, crunch the numbers, and provide you with the final moving price. Then you can calculate your budget and choose the moving package you want. This is simply the best way to do it because remember the piano moving service we mentioned earlier? You do not know how to move a piano but your movers do and they have the tools and knowledge to do it. But if you have one, they should inspect it and prepare to relocate such an instrument. All in all, onsite estimates are the best out of the three options available.

Quality packing and decluttering is in order

As military personnel, you should always have an idea where to quickly obtain packing materials. You must know where the local hardware store is or at least where to order the whole batch online. In case you are being deployed at the very last minute, you must be able to order packing supplies, pack, declutter, and relocate within a couple of days. Although, this is a hard-core scenario, nevertheless, you must be prepared for anything. And if something like this happens, you will probably want to know where the local storage facility is located so you can leave most of your furniture there until you come back. Your movers might have the answer to this question.

two people packing for moving
Pack like a pro and have a pleasant moving experience. Ask your movers for tips and tricks if you need a few.

Legalities and insurance

Finally, you should always keep all your documents up to date. Your personal ID, driver’s license, medical records, passport, credit cards, etc. Everything should be up to date and valid at all times. You never know where you are going to get called out to relocate half a world away so you must be updated accordingly. And if something like this happens, make sure to follow rules and regulations tied to the change of address and laws of the country you are relocating to. Due it in due time because it might take a while to process everything. Although, your superior will inform you about it and provide the guidance we are sure of that.

Now you know how military families move, and how they can move easily, safely, and efficiently. Yours can do the same. Just have your plan ready at all times and make sure to stick with reputable moving companies only. Good luck and stay safe.