How can movers transport art installations long-distance?

You may be the art installation owner. Or the gallery owner. But, what if you get an invitation to show your art in another town or state? Your first question will be – can movers transport art installations long-distance? Well, you can relax. The Pro Movers Miami company has the tools and knowledge. They know how to transport your art installation to its new destination. Since the art pieces are usually sensitive, they require special attention. And, that is exactly what your mover will provide. They will use the proper packing materials. So, your artwork will not sustain any surface damage. And, it will not break. Also, they know exactly how to pack various pieces. So, relax and look forward to the coming expo.

There are various types of art installations

The art installation differs from ordinary artwork pieces. By definition, it is an artwork composed in a three-dimensional interior space. In some cases, all pieces of the art installation are made of the same material. For example, it may be a composition of several marble sculptures. But, the installation can be made of several different materials too. It can be a composition of lamps, pictures, metal construction, etc. In the end, they all form one artwork. Luckily, the long-distance movers Miami have the proper packing supplies. So, they will be able to properly protect all different pieces.


Assorted Paintings on Green Wall - movers transport art installations long-distance.
With knowledge, skills, and proper tools, movers can transport art installations long-distance.

How can movers transport art installations long-distance?

You will have to start with the preparation phase. But, before that, you should make the moving plan. And, it would be wise to make it together with your movers. You are the one who knows your art installation well. And, you will have an idea of how it should be disassembled.

Generally, the art installations are big. So, they can’t be moved in their original shape. Also, they are always kept inside. So, they can be inside a gallery. Or in your home. Therefore, you will have to take them apart. That way, the movers will be able to pack the pieces. And to load them onto a moving truck.

Disassembling the art installation

In this part of the preparation, secure the presence of the fine art moving company. Or, more precisely, the experts should be with you. That way, they will be able to check every piece separately. And to make more precise calculations related to the total weight of your move. That will also help them to come up with a realistic cost estimation.

On the other hand, they will be able to decide how many moving supplies are needed for packing. And what kind of packing material should be used.

Make pictures of your art installation before disassembling

The movers will transport your art installation long-distance. But, at the end of the journey, you will have to reassemble the installation. You may have a good memory. But, having pictures will show as a great help. Instead of pondering where to put a certain piece, just check the photo. Also, this way, the reassembling will go much faster. Especially when you have to put back many small pieces.


Silhouette of a woman standing in front of blue lights photo.
Not all art installations are heavy.

For the sizable art installations, your movers will need the proper tools

Well, in case you have a small installation, it will be easy to handle it. You can, for example, have a piece made just of various light bulbs. Such pieces you can even pack and unpack yourself. Of course, don’t forget to make pictures. They will help you, later on, to properly reconnect the various cables.

But, a lot of art installations are made of heavy pieces. So, your movers will need to use the forklift. Sometimes, they might need even small cranes. And, they will need those tools on both sides. First while taking the installation apart. And loading the crated pieces on the moving truck. The second time during unloading and putting the pieces into the right places. So, it is nice to know that you can rely on the best luxury moving company in this rather delicate undertaking.

How to transport your installations when it is too heavy for one truck?

Well, the moving company will check the overall weight. And, they can propose to you the smaller shipments. So, depending on the weight of your installation and the number of pieces, you might need to pay for two, even three trucks. But, that is a small price in comparison to the price of the installation. In general, high-quality artwork is expensive. And such a piece can be very costly.


Artwork is very sensitive to temperature variations

If you decide to hire the white glove movers Miami, they will make sure to transport your artwork in climate-controlled moving trucks. They are aware of how moisture can spoil your pieces in no time. Also, they will clean and dry all pieces of your art installation before packing them. So, you may also stay assured that they will use the packing material which is compatible with your artwork surfaces. And, they will keep your pieces at moderate temperature. That way, all the pieces will rich the destination in good condition. And, it will be easy to reconnect them to the original installation.

Art installation of black pearls.
Before disassembling the art installations, always make a photo.

Benefits of hiring the movers to transport art installations long-distance

Most of the installations are too heavy for one person. So, hiring movers to do the whole job will help you a lot. Still, you should stay with them all the time. That way, you will have an overview of the works. Bottom line, you know your art installation much better. And you will be able to spot immediately if something goes in the wrong direction. Finally, your movers will not complain. They are aware of how costly are the art pieces. And, they will appreciate your help and instructions.

Reinstalling your artwork for the expo

Moving art installations is not the easiest possible job. Still, you could see that it was not either as hard as it looked. Of course, when the movers transport art installations long-distance, everything looks easy. But, that is just because they are well trained and skilled. And they know how to properly move artwork pieces. And, that shows one more thing. When you have to move your artwork, always choose the proper moving company. That is to say, the company must have the art moving in their services offer.