Home inspection checklist for home buyers in North Miami

Did you put an offer on the house, and wow, your offer was accepted? Now, you are in the position of waiting for an inspection day. Do you know what your checklist for home buyers in North Miami needs to include? If the answer is ”No” you are at the right place, so keep reading this article to see what are the most important things on your inspection checklist. If you need to find a reliable moving company, you can always make research on moving companies in Florida, and see the offer.

What is a home inspection?

A house investigation is an evaluation of a recently bought household for potential problems. A certified inspector will normally undertake the procedure and offer a detailed status report on the home. A house inspection’s objective is to uncover any flaws before the escrow process is finished. This gives both the sellers and buyers the opportunity to adjust or perhaps even run away from the purchase if required. Here you will find a checklist for home buyers in North Miami so stay with us, and keep reading this article.

key in the door for home buyers in North Miami
A home inspection is a big step when it comes to buying a new house.

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Home inspection checklist for home buyers in North Miami

We recommend you to prepare everything on time when it’s about a home inspection of your new home. You can separate sections by the rooms, or by the area you want to research. We prepared a list of things you should have on your home inspection checklist, so here it is! Let’s start:

Space outside the house to check for home buyers in North Miami

  • Exterior – Is the house in good condition, seen from the outside? Are all gutters securely fastened or swinging? Take a photo of the exterior just in case something goes wrong.
  • Doors and Windows- be sure to inspect all doors and windows in the house. Doors and windows should open and close nicely, but don’t worry if it’s not your situation, everything can be fixed.
  • Roof- Important thing is to ask when the roof was replaced if it has even been replaced, how old is the roof, whether it is leaking. if you notice dark spots or moss, that’s definitely not a good sign.
  • Foundation- If you see any trees near to foundation, that could be a bad sign. Are there any cracks? Is there any damp, spongy, or sinking earth around the foundation? Pay attention when it comes to the foundation, this area is one of the most important things on your house besides the roof.

    Please pay attention to the important things outside the house such as the foundation, roof, and windows.

Inside the house inspection

  • Attic and Basement – As we mentioned earlier in this article, if you see any moisture or dark spots, even mold or moss, that is a bad sign. Maybe you will need to fix it on your own or you can make a deal with the seller to do that before signing a contract.
  • Smell – Smell could be a big problem in your new home. This is also essential went it comes to inspecting houses for home buyers in North Miami. Pay attention to that detail, and ask the homeowner what kind of scents is if you feel something unusual.
  • Cooling – Be sure to ask the homeowner who owns the home’s cooling and heating system. Has that system ever been changed and does it have a serial number on it? If the serial number does not exist, investigate why.
  • Electrical – When it comes to a buying new house from a seller, we think that the most important thing in the house is electrical. If the installations in the house are out of date, they will have to be replaced, and that is not an easy and cheap job. Check all switches in the house, as well as sockets. You don’t want to put yourself at unnecessary risk, do you?
  • Plumbing – We all need water, as a basic condition for life, don’t we? If the pipes and installations are not good, you have a problem at the beginning. Check the water pressure, whether the taps are dripping, whether the water is leaking in some places, as well as the age of the boiler and the pipes themselves.

How long does it take to do a home inspection for home buyers in North Miami?

The tour and inspection of the new house should take at least a few hours to check all the items properly. If the owner of the house is in a hurry, know that it is not a good sign and stay consistent with your inspection list.

Perhaps if you are an artist or painter, you will know what to look for on the walls and exterior part of the house. Sometimes is best practice to follow your instinct. And when we talk about artists, you may need some help with your artworks(If you have some), so you can take research and find some good movers, just Google art movers near me and you will definitely find what you are looking for.

people are looking into house plan
Check out the house plan, if your seller has one.

Do you need to hire a home inspector for home buyers in North Miami?

If you are not sure about your possibilities, and your knowledge of materials and things to investigate, we can recommend you hire a home inspector to check all of the things in your new home instead of you. You should find someone to put your trust in.

If you are ready to hire someone, first try to check what their evaluation includes. Some of them can write your report on 10 pages with photographs.  Some of them will just give you small notes. Here you will find ways how to schedule a home inspection for home buyers in North Miami.