Guide to renting a storage unit during hotel renovation

Renovating an existing hotel is a multilevel and challenging process. This kind of project requires significant investment and time to organize everything. However, on the other hand, hotel renovation can be a creative and enjoyable process. It marks sort of a new beginning for the hotel owners, but for the employees and guests, as well. But when the time comes to renovate, one particular problem often comes up. And that is what to do with all the furniture and other stuff that need to be taken away for a while. That’s when you have to think about renting a storage unit during hotel renovation. Therefore, in this article, we’ve gathered all the important advice you need to know about this topic. Also, you can read some other useful information about hotel renovation. Read on and prepare for your hotel renovation project.

Orange doors to storage units
Renting a storage unit during hotel renovation will make the process easier, without a doubt.

The benefits of renting a storage unit during hotel renovation

As we already mentioned, when this huge project called hotel renovation starts approaching, you might feel overwhelmed. A simple and logical question will surely come up to your mind. And that is- what to do with all those pieces of furniture and other items in a hotel? Also, another important question will be whether to hire moving companies Miami Beach. In this case, we advise you to follow our advice and hire moving professionals to help you in this great endeavor.

More upsides of a storage unit

As for renting a storage unit during hotel renovation, there are many benefits. First, if you decide to rent a storage unit during hotel renovation, you will get extra space. And you are going to need it, trust us on this one. Especially because every hotel has many bulky furniture pieces. That is why you are going to need a good quality storage unit. Also, you should prepare your items for storage.

More good sides of renting a storage unit for storing your hotel items

When it comes to putting hotel items in a storage unit, you should be careful. Because you might need to take some special care of certain belongings. Especially when it comes to some items sensitive to temperature changes and moisture, such as electronic appliances. So, if you have to store this kind of item, you should make sure to pack them in a certain way. You can pack them in plastic containers or plastic wrap. Also, many Miami storage facilities guarantee that all your hotel items stored while renovating a hotel will be safe.

A neon hotel sign on the roof of a building
Renovating a hotel can be manageable if you rent a suitable storage unit.

What can you store in a storage unit while renovating a hotel?

Before you decide to rent a storage unit during hotel renovation, you should know which items you can store in them.

  • Bulky furniture and artwork. Because, logically, every hotel has many art pieces and furniture pieces. Especially the bigger hotels. However, before putting these items in a storage unit during hotel renovation, secure them the proper way. Also, make sure that the storage unit is climate-controlled, clean, and free of water damage.
  • Blankets and bed linens can be stored in a storage unit during hotel renovation. You should know that these types of items are the most resistant. Therefore, they won’t damage easily, but you might need to wash them after taking them out of the storage unit.
  • Kitchenware, dishes, and books. If you decide to rent a storage unit during hotel renovation, you can store these items there. Also, these items are easy to pack, especially if you hire Pro Movers Miami. A professional moving team will make packing for a storage unit much easier.

Before renting a storage unit, find out how to choose a good quality storage unit

Not every storage unit will be suitable for your hotel inventory. That’s why you should know some of the tips to find a good and secure storage facility. You should rent the best storage unit during hotel renovation. Also, you should pick the best time to move a hotel. So, here are some of the requirements you should look for.

  • Clean space is the first requirement. The reason is that storing your hotel’s items in clean storage will help you avoid damage. Especially on some sensitive and expensive items.
  • Look for a storage unit with good lighting. Because when your hotel’s renovation starts, you should be able to keep track of your inventory with ease.
  • Also, choose the proper size of a storage unit for the hotel’s items. You surely don’t want to damage the hotel’s items by overcrowding the renting space.
  • Think about renting a storage unit with security cameras. After all, a top-quality security system in a storage unit is always the best protection and solution. Especially when renting a storage unit to store your items during a hotel renovation.
A security camera on a pink wall
Renting a storage unit with camera surveillance will help you feel safe with your belongings.

How to find and pick the best storage unit?

There are many ways to choose from various storage units. The first way is to browse the internet and find a good storage facility near your hotel. Also, maybe even a better way to find a storage unit while renovating your hotel is to ask your movers for help. Good and trustworthy moving companies often have their storage units for rent. Also, we recommend that you compare the renting prices. The prices may vary depending on many factors. One of the factors that will affect your price is long-term renting. This type of renting will surely bring you a sort of discount. However, be careful and don’t go with the storage unit that offers a price too good to be true. However, ask around and try to find a recommendation from friends or colleagues that you trust.

After all, renting a storage unit during hotel renovation doesn’t have to be challenging. Just the opposite, the purpose of getting a storage unit is to make the whole process easier. Therefore, don’t worry and choose the option that suits you and your budget best. All the luck to you in this renovating and renting process.