Guide to relocating your art gallery to another state

Are you in the process of relocating your art gallery to another state, but it seems very complicated at the moment? If so, don’t worry –Pro Movers Miami will help you have a smooth transition to another state! To relocate your art gallery, you really need to start preparing on time and finding the right people to help you do the job. The first step to relocating your art gallery is to do thorough research – and since you’re here, this means that you’re already doing a great job! The next step is finding professionals who have experience in moving galleries and dealing with various types of artwork. It seems easy on paper – but is relocating your art gallery really that simple? 

Find the new space for your artwork before relocating your art gallery to another state

The actual first step to relocating your gallery to another state is to find a new space where you’ll be able to showcase your items! While it might be obvious, many people opt to place the art pieces in storage. This isn’t ideal because you’ll have to relocate your art pieces several times, which increases the risk of them getting damaged. Many interstate moving companies Miami offers can rent you a storage unit. If the unit is climate-controlled, the artwork won’t start deteriorating, and when you pick up your artwork, it will be in the perfect state. The urgency with finding a space first comes from the possibility of careless people handling the art. If you get experienced people to handle the art – it will be fine. 

relocating your art gallery to another state
Relocating your art gallery to another state requires thinking in advance!

Make an inventory list

Before you start contacting moving services Miami, make an inventory list of all the art pieces you have. Take a picture of them before the movers start packing them. Make sure to get appropriate insurance. The pictures, together with an inventory list, will be good proof in case you need to prove that the damage to your art was done by the movers and that it didn’t exist before. You can make your inventory list in some spreadsheet, which will allow you to browse through the art pieces quickly. You can also note which boxes some of the items are packed in, and where the boxes are. That will help you unpack and find what you’re looking for after the relocation.

Compare the blueprints before relocating your art gallery to another state

If you already have the place where you’ll relocate your gallery, compare the places. This can be an apartment or an actual gallery – but make sure that you know where you’ll place the artwork, especially if the pieces are big and bulky. Many of the commercial movers Miami offers will gladly place the items exactly where you tell them. This will significantly speed up your relocation process and allow you to plan out the most ideal way to showcase your artwork.

sculptures in a gallery
If you’re relocating sculptures, they’ll need totally different packing approach than when you’re relocating the paintings.

What kind of items are you packing?

Keep in mind that time necessary for relocating your art gallery to another place is highly dependent on the types of items that you need to pack. But one thing is common to them – whatever type of item you need to move, the result of the relocation will depend on the quality of packing materials. That’s why you should opt to get high-quality packing materials, especially when you’re packing the art. 

How to get high-quality packing materials?

There are several ways to procure quality packing materials: 

  • Go to the stores that sell packing materials. Many of them are DIY stores or work-stores. Keep in mind that you’ll need a vehicle that will have enough space for the transport of those materials. 
  • You can order the items online, in which case they will be delivered to your address and you won’t need to deal with the transportation of the materials. The downside to them is that sometimes the companies send the wrong packages, which might delay the process by a few days or a week, in case they need to send the things that you actually ordered. If you’re in a hurry – choose another method.
  • Get the materials by renting them from the moving companies. This will ensure that the packing materials are corresponding to the type of items that you have to pack. Moreover, you won’t have to think about what you’ll do after you unpack those items. After the relocation, there can be a lot of materials that can be useful, but a lot of times, they are simply inconvenienced. Renting materials from movers will free you of this worry!  

The packing process depends on the type of items

To relocate your art gallery, you’ll need to pack your art pieces. If you’re relocating the whole gallery, it’s imperative to call reliable movers to help you deal with the artwork appropriately. It’s not something you should do on your own, especially since the different types of art require different treatment. Just in case you still want to do this yourself, this is a brief overview of how to pack sculptures and paintings: 

  • Sculptures – You’ll need to clean the sculptures with a damp cloth before you wrap it in glassine if the shape allows it to. Wrap protruding parts in the sponge and then the whole sculpture in two layers of bubble wrap. If it can fit the box, pack it and fill the empty space with packing peanuts. If not, call the people to help you load the sculpture. 
  • Paintings – Clean the frame with a damp cloth. Place the corner protections on the painting. Place the packing paper and then the cardboard sheet on the painting. Wrap it in a bubble wrap and place in a specialized box that’s slightly bigger than the painting itself. 


professional mover
Look for movers who have experience in relocating galleries. Experience is sometimes detrimental to the success of the relocation.

Hire reliable movers to help you with relocating your art gallery to another state

Relocating your art gallery to another state is easy when you have a team of reliable, experienced movers by your side. Why risk damaging the artwork when the solution is just a phone call away? Give us a call today and have your art gallery removed to another state without a fuss. You too can easily have a stress-free move!