Guide to packing your Miami storage unit like a professional

Packing is always a time-consuming process. Whether you want to relocate or just organize your items for a storage unit, it may be difficult and it can take up a lot of free time. If you are relocating and sorting out the items for storage at the same time, it is an even more exhausting task. In addition to that, you need to find a proper storage container. It has to be of the right size, well-secured, and not too expensive. Don’t worry, storage units Miami are just like that. It is important not to put things into a storage unit without any order and organization. You need a plan, and we can help you with that. Just read our guide to packing your Miami storage unit like a professional.

Planning is always crucial

Planning and making a checklist is always the first step in whatever you do, especially when it comes to moving belongings. It may seem insignificant, but it can save you a lot of trouble later. The first thing you need to plan is how to gather moving supplies and what kind of those you need. Then, you need to plan where are you going to start packing and decluttering. In the meantime, you have to plan to call some of the best moving companies, such as Pro Movers Miami, to help you transfer your belongings to the storage unit. Only when you know exactly what tasks you have to finish and when you will be able to get onto packing your Miami storage unit like a professional.

A long hallway with storage units
Packing your Miami storage unit is easy with our guide

Pack the items you plan to store

Before you begin, gather everything you’ll need. Make sure all of your resources are prepared and on hand. You will require cardboard boxes, packaging supplies, and packing materials. Make sure that the materials you are going to use are of good quality. Your belongings are going to be stored for some time, and you don’t want the boxes to get damaged. This means your belongings will be damaged too. Many people, when they want to move to Miami, use long-term storage units. This means the materials need to be able to stay in a good condition and protect the items for a long time.

When it comes to packing, heavier items go at the bottom, of course. It may seem simple, but packing your boxes such that the smaller, lighter items are on top and the heavier ones are at the bottom can help keep your goods safe, prevent damage, and improve stacking stability. Once your boxes are packed, be sure you can safely lift and move them. Of course, when you pack the boxes, it is important to label them. That way you will organize the unit quicker because you will put together similar items. Another reason is the fact that you will forget what and where you stored something over time. You may know for a few months, but if you keep the items in storage for a few years, it is impossible to remember each box.

Start packing your Miami storage unit

When you get to your Miami storage unit, organize it well. First of all, you need to clean it and prepare it for putting things in there. Also, follow the list of the things you want to store and make sure they all can fit. If necessary, add some additional metal shelves, or bring more boxes. Before you start putting boxes in the storage, make a plan in your head. You need to know where to put each box, or bulky furniture if you have it. So, when you get to the spot you need to:

  • clean the storage;
  • pack heavy items first;
  • pack rarely used items first;
  • keep the items you will use next to the door;
  • leave the space for moving;

For obvious reasons, you need to pack heavy and rarely used items first. To use the storage’s full potential, it is best to put boxes one onto another. So, when you do that, if the heavier items are on top, they will damage the lighter ones and fall over. Also, when you want to take something later, you won’t have to move heavier boxes to get to the lighter ones. In addition to that, you must leave enough space between the boxes so that you can move later. You will have to clean the storage from time to time, so there’s no need to move everything around and lose time. Finally, if you don’t want to spend time packing and organizing your storage, you can always contact some of the white glove moving companies to help you. They will do all the necessary work quickly and seamlessly.

Items you can’t keep in your Miami storage unit

There are some items you can’t keep in a storage unit, and that is the fact. There are some items that not a single moving or storage company allows to be kept. The list includes flammable things, food, weapons, animals, and similar items. Of course, highly valuable belongings also shouldn’t be kept in storage.

A padlock
Secure your storage with additional padlocks

Add extra security

Even though the storage units are generally safe, it cannot harm to secure them additionally. Of course, most of the units have cameras installed and regular security alarms, but sometimes you won’t have the opportunity to react on time if something happens. So, if you want to keep the storage for a longer period, it is best to add some extra cameras and security alarms, if you have a budget for that. You will probably need special permission to do so, but it is worth a try. There is something you can do nevertheless. You can add extra padlocks to secure your storage even more.

Packing your storage unit properly is important

There is always the right way of packing your Miami storage unit, and with our guide, you can do it in no time. Follow our advice and steps, pay attention to materials, organizations, and forbidden items, and your things will be safe.