Getting help when moving a wine collection in North Miami

Whether you have already experienced moving a couple of times, or you are a first-time mover, there are a few things you should consider when moving a wine collection in North Miami. Luckily, a few excellent Miami movers can help you out with everything you may need while changing your living space.  Sometimes it can be very hard to think about all of the things you may need to prepare for such a task. You needn’t worry, as we are there to cover the whole process from start to finish! So let us start with the most important question – what is the size of your wine collection?

Moving bigger wine collections

You need to be very well organized to determine just how much of your collection you are going to relocate. For example, let’s say that your new home can’t fit your whole collection of wine.  You will need to make some hard choices and consider what will you do with the wine that you are not moving. You may gift it away or even sell it, but you need to make a final list of all the quantities so that there will be no mistakes once you actually start the process.

Two wine bottles on a barrel, is a field
When moving your wine collection in North Miami, you have to know the size of the collection.

Of course, once you’ve insured your wine and got an estimated value if you’ve thought about selling some, next it’s time to choose from some of the moving companies North Miami. Finding a good moving company is essential, so you can make sure that the relocation of your wine collection is safe.  Now, there are also other moving options that we will talk about later in the article.

Moving smaller wine collections

Depending on the actual size of your wine collection, and the value, you can even transport it yourself. Making sure that you choose the right conditions when moving your beverages is crucial, as otherwise, the wine could go bad. The optimal temperature should be 55 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also choosing the right boxes in which to relocate the alcohol can be of importance as well. There are 4 main types of boxes you should consider and these are Styrofoam Shipper, Double Wall, Original Wood Crate (OWC),  and Retail Boxes. Wine packaging shouldn’t be taken lightly, as the differences between these boxes are significant. If you have any additional questions then packing services Miami should provide the answers you’re searching for!

And lastly, pack your wine the same way you would store it in your home, on its side.

Methods of moving your wine collection in North Miami

There are 3 main methods you may choose when relocation your collection and these are:

Move it yourself

This is a good option if the size of your collection is not huge and it could be moved by car, for example. A general rule of thumb is that while moving, you want the most valuable of your household items transported safely. So if they can fit in a car or your truck then that would be even better than mixing them up with other not-so-important items. Another benefit is that moving your things by yourself is usually free!

Grapes in a field.
There are 3 different ways of moving your wine – by yourself, with a moving company, or with professional wine movers.

Entrust your wine to a moving company

Even though a lot of people can be skeptical when it comes to moving companies, there really is no need! You just have to do your research correctly and make sure that you are hiring a professional and trustworthy company. And if you are in need of such a company, and you are in Miami, then moving companies Miami Dade can help you out! This is a great method to use if your wine is not of high value, or it’s not summer, as you would most likely want to avoid wine moving during summer. The reason is that in moving trucks the wine can get very hot and spoil very easily.

Hire a wine moving specialist

There are some professional moving companies out there that specialize in wine moving, and you should probably consider these if you are a bit more serious about this whole process. Of course, some of the downsides are that these companies can be pricy and hard to find. But, if you are considering a long-distance move, and your collection is of great value, then these companies would be the best fit!

Insurance and legal regulations

Another thing you have to do while considering the relocation of your wine is that its insurance is covered. You can do this through your moving company, and it’s a very important step! It is usually done through the High Value inventory, making sure that the company knows the importance of these items. You don’t want your wine bottles to spill or break during the moving process and to not get compensated for it. If you are choosing to move your wine by yourself, however, then you should be a bit more careful, as there will be no insurance provided.

When it comes to legal regulations, some of the states and countries do not allow the relocation of any kind of alcohol through their borders. This often depends on a lot of different factors, but you need to check out alcohol control authorities of the desirable moving place before starting the process. Sometimes it depends on the type of alcohol or the quantity.

After moving your wine collection in North Miami, a woman is posing in front of boxes with a wine glass in her hands.
You have to think about everything when moving your wine collection in North Miami


Even though it seems as there are a lot of different things you have to think about when relocating your wine collection, it’s not that hard! There are just a few steps that you have to follow in order to get it right. So, we need to make sure of the size of our collection. Next up, we have to choose the moving method that we want to use, and these vary in price and the importance of your wine. Be sure to check the temperature and store your wine properly. And lastly, when moving a wine collection in North Miami, you have to be insured and follow the legal regulations.

That’s everything you need! Now you can start your relocation in no time!


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