Reasons why you should get help when moving expensive wine collection in Miami

If you plan on moving then the best way to do it is to hire professional movers. They are reliable and they will move your belongings fast and safely. You would usually pack the things you plan on moving in boxes and relocate them in said boxes. However, that is not always the case. Some items require special care and a special way of moving. You should pack these items in a secure and specific way. This way, they will not be damaged at all during the move. This way of moving is called the White Glove Moving and it’s used for very fragile items. Your wine collection is a great example of that. Moving a collection of wine bottles would be an excruciating task without the right approach. We suggest that you get help when moving expensive wine collection in Miami and hire a white glove moving company. We’ve made a list of reasons why you should hire this kind of packing services Miami and why it’s the best choice for your wine collection. Let’s dig in!

Moving your wine collection

This article will explain to you why should you hire a white glove moving company and how to do it. Moving a wine collection is a particularly complex task. But with the right movers, you can do it with no problems whatsoever. It requires a special way of handling that we mentioned before. Now, we will explain what exactly is white glove moving and why is it important for you.

boxes with fragile items inside
Moving fragile and expensive wine collection requires professional assistance

What exactly is White Glove Moving?

White glove moving is a special way of moving used for fragile belongings. These types of items require trained moving professionals. A wine collection will require white glove packing and luckily for you, we are specialized in that area. Three things that make up every move are packing, transport and unpacking. In most cases, you would be packing and unpacking by yourself unless you made a specific deal with your moving company.

The great thing about white glove moving is that it includes everything mentioned above. The movers will pack your wine collection carefully. That way, you won’t damage or scratch none of the wine bottles in any kind of way. Then, they will safely transport it to the desired location. The movers have special boxes for storing your wine bottles. This is another safety measure for keeping your collection safe during transport. When you relocate your collection, the movers will most carefully place everything where you want it to be. They will also make sure nothing bad happens to your collection during the move.

Why should you get help when moving expensive wine collection in Miami?

As the very title suggests, you will be moving an expensive wine collection. Transporting a whole lot of expensive wine bottles without proper equipment and experienced movers is nigh impossible. You have to pack every bottle single-handedly and with proper care. You shouldn’t expose the collection to heat or much sunlight as it could alter the taste and appearance of the wine itself. And you can expect both of these things in sunny Miami. These are all valid reasons for hiring local movers Miami and hiring them to do the job for you.

a woman that decided to get help when moving expensive wine collection in Miami
Make sure to get help when moving expensive wine collection in Miami so you don’t risk damaging it

These trained professionals are experienced with moving items that need to be handled with special care. They will do the best job of keeping your wine collection safe during packing and transport. Hiring a moving company in this case is a must. You don’t want to damage your valuable wine collection in any kind of way.

Transporting the wine collection

If you’re still thinking about doing the moving on your own, think about this. Carrying the wine containers one by one is a possible option. But, transporting the whole collection is another thing. The movers have padded trucks that keep everything safe and sound. Regular vehicles don’t. You would be risking a lot if you try moving the collection on your own. Not to mention the numerous inconveniences you could encounter along the way.

Driving a wine collection is a tricky job, even if everything is packed tightly. That is where the experience and professionalism of our movers come into play. The movers use specialized tools and crates to store fragile items such as your wine collection. Another thing you should watch out for is the temperature. Miami is known for its high temperatures, especially during summer. You will need a climate-controlled van or a truck depending on the size of the collection. The move can last for hours depending on where you are moving from. You could be driving the collection and it could get overheated. After all, it’s the City of Miami we are talking about.

Transporting your wine collection is the trickiest part of the move, this is why hiring movers with specialized vehicles for moving fragile items is the best option

Hiring the right movers

There are a few parameters you should count on when you are moving a wine collection. The size of said collection, the distance between you and your destination, and the worth of your collection. The high value of any of these parameters means that you should hire a moving company. Now, all that remains is to decide on the moving company itself. You should get help when moving an expensive wine collection in Miami, but who do you ask for help?

Choosing Pro Movers Miami as your partner in this endeavor would be an excellent choice. It is an experienced moving company that has done specialized moves before. We have the necessary skills and equipment to deal with all your fragile items, especially with a large expensive wine collection since we’ve been moving similar collections in the past. We strongly suggest that you get help when moving expensive wine collection in Miami and we will gladly be the ones to help you do so. Whatever location you will move your collection to or from in the City of Miami and the surrounding area, we are here for you. We hope this article helped you and look forward to hearing from you. Happy moving!