Fun things to see and do in Fort Lauderdale after moving

To a lot of people moving can seem like a messy and stressful process. But moving to a new home or a new city doesn’t have to be that. Why not see it as the beginning of this new part of your life? Each place we live in becomes our home for a little bit. Some places feel more like it, some less. But getting into the process of relocating is just a start of a new and exciting adventure. It is good to know things about your new city before moving, so let’s see some fun things to see and do in Fort Lauderdale after moving. And for this whole process to really be the least stressful, Pro Movers Miami is here to help you move in the easiest way. Simply call your moving company and start making a plan of ways to get to know your new city.

Moving to a new city

Moving to a new city that you haven’t lived in before can be very exciting. On the other hand, it is also a stressful event. You are moving to an unknown place. Even if you have visited the city before, tourist visits and real life are not the same. So, how do you move to a new city without feeling out of place once you get there? Your attitude is really important here. Look at this new start as a new opportunity for meeting new people and seeing new places. When just a little time passes, you will slowly start to feel at home.

view of Fort Lauderdale city
Moving to a new city is such an exciting experience, and Fort Lauderdale has a lot of fun things to do

In the process of preparing for a relocation, you won’t think of this. There will be so many things to do and plan. You need to pack everything, call your local movers Florida based, and say goodbye to everyone. So, once you finish all this and you find yourself in your new home in Fort Lauderdale after moving, how to make it feel like home?

Fun things to see and do in Fort Lauderdale after moving

Being a beach city situated on Florida’s southeastern coast, this city offers a lot of water activities. You can of course simply enjoy beautiful beaches and you can hang out in Fort Lauderdale Beach Park. But if you enjoy having more active days, you can book a parasailing adventure or a snorkeling tour of Fort Lauderdale Reefs. Or if you want something calmer to relax after a long week, why not book one of the many cruises that this city has?

The city has many amazing museums and historic places that you can enjoy whenever. Go and visit Bonnet House Museum and Gardens, the house of artists Frederic and Evelyn Bartlett, built in the 1920s. There are NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale and Broward Center for the Performing art, both enjoying beautiful shows. If you are someone who enjoys browsing through flea and street markets, you will have a lot of fun here. You can visit Swap Shop, said to be the largest flea market in the South. Or head down to the 15th Street Fisheries, which is a nautical landmark of this city, and offers amazing food. And if you are a fan of traditional malls, you will find Galleria or you can take a walk on Las Olas Boulevard, which offers a great range of restaurants and shops.

parasailing is one of the fun things to see and do in Fort Lauderdale after moving
If you are looking for a real adventure, you can book parasailing or snorkeling in Fort Lauderdale

Fun things to see and do outdoor in Fort Lauderdale

Spending time in nature while living in a big city can be sometimes hard, but it is important. It reduces stress and it can be a lot of fun, both with friends and family. So, after your movers in Fort Lauderdale finish bringing your things to your new home, go outside to enjoy. You can head to Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, a large park in the center of the city. Here you can have a picnic, camp out, can go for a swim or canoeing. Another park where you can go and enjoy both walks and picnics, or a long playdate with your dog is Snyder Park.

How to start feeling at home in Fort Lauderdale after moving?

Moving into a new space after movers from white glove moving companies transport your things can’t feel like home right away. So, how do you make it into a home? Putting up your decorations, pictures of your loved ones, and small detail that make the space into your space helps. So, even if you don’t expect to unpack everything at once, maybe you can set up some small items in the rooms you’ll be frequent in. Think about putting your favorite candles in the bedroom. Put up pictures and decorative blankets in the living room. Something that can definitely help with this is inviting your friends and family into your new home. People who care about you will always make it feel like home.

friends talking about fun things to see and do in Fort Lauderdale after moving
Having friends and family can help you feel more at home in your new house

Activities you can do and sights to see close to the city

There are a lot of fun things to see and do in Fort Lauderdale after moving, but what if you want to get out of the city sometime? Why not take a 2-hour ferry ride to Bimini Islands for a quick little getaway on the weekends? This island with pristine beaches is known for its fishing life, as the beaches are not too crowded and it is a calm island. Or for an unusual trip, you can visit Flamingo Gardens which has a lot of tropical and rare plants. It is one of the oldest botanical gardens and organizes treasure hunts for kids who can explore the whole sanctuary this way. Biscayne National Park is another perfect place for outdoor activities and can be a good getaway from the city.