Fragile items packing tips

Moving out is an exhausting process. You will often be overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you need to do. There are many types of items in your house. Robust items like your bed or your closet will require a lot of strength and help from either your friends or professionals. There are items like cutlery and other kitchen appliances, or TV sets and other living room stuff, like chairs. And then we have those items, that you dread thinking you need to move them. Even in your house from one room to another these things are hard to move, let alone putting them in a truck to some guy driving for the moving company you hired. They are neither heavy nor robust. These are fragile items. And we are here to help you with just that – fragile items packing!

Thinking about moving that precious art painting that had sat quietly in your living room above the couch for years, or that Chinese vase your grandfather bought when 50 years ago. This is when you will have the worst thoughts possible about how can you do it, and how will it end up in the end. But worry not, because we got your back! In this article, we will list some tips and tricks about moving fragile items. Memorize these tips if you want your fragile items to be safely moved and delivered!

A figurine.
Keep on reading and learn how to deal with this task!

Create an inventory

Creating an inventory will help your moving process a lot. You need to know every single thing you are moving from your old house to the new one. This is especially important concerning precious items. If you have every fragile item on a list, or even better you had snapped a picture of it, it will help for keeping track of everything. Snapping a picture of it will be helpful because you will know in which state it was before the move. A careful inspection of the item is also a good way to keep track if there were any new scratches made during the move. You can also ensure those items, so if there is any damage done, you can get reimbursed for an amount. Though they probably will not be able to remove the pain in your heart if something breaks, they will at least help you with some money. There are specific laws regarding the damage your items receive during the move. In the event that something gets broken, you can use those laws to your advantage. And that is exactly where moving insurance comes in handy.

Types of fragile items

There are a couple of types of fragile items, and they should all be packed differently. It is important to distinguish between these types because it will make the job easier and you will avoid any damage being done to your stuff. Here are the types:


With glassware, you should be careful in which boxes you put it in. These should have a separate box and you should not put anything else in except for clothes or pillows for safety. Take your plates and put them on a pile with a cloth in between each plate. This way you will avoid scratching and breaking. After that put them in a box after wrapping them in plastic wrap or another piece of cloth. With glasses, you should try to find a cell box. This is a box which is divided into small compartments, i.e. cells. You can get these when you buy bundled bottles of wine. If you can fit more than one glass in one cell, make sure to secure them with plastic wrap or papers by wrapping each glass. You can use socks as well. Put a glass into a sock and stack them in the cell. This way you will use much of the space without having to worry about breaking anything.

Fragile items - glasses
Every fragile items packing lesson should start with glassware.

Art and paintings

For art and paintings, you need to get plastic wrap and some cloth. Wrap the painting in plastic wrap, then wrap it in cloth, and then put it in a box. You need to make sure to get a box with the right dimensions, so the painting does not tumble during the move. If you cannot find the right box, use pillows or Styrofoam to secure it. You can even try to stack paintings, one on top of another, but this is risky because it may damage the frames. If you still want to do this and save space, be careful. Use more cloth, Styrofoam or pillows and put them on frames of paintings as you are stacking them. Or hire moving professionals in your area.

Art sculptures

These are tricky. Although many sculptures are made of marble or another type of rock, there are some more fragile. They can be made of wires or other types of thin material. It is best to get a sturdy box so you can secure the base of the sculpture. This way it will not be able to move inside the box. Put a cloth or plastic wrap around the fragile part, and be sure to use separate boxes for each art piece.


TVs and other entertainment appliances can be damaged during the move, as well. They usually come with their own boxes with wrap and Styrofoam. If you threw the original boxes away, then you should buy more Styrofoam and wrap the item itself carefully.

Electronics are not only fragile. They are also very expensive.


Mirrors – When it comes to mirrors and other flat glass surfaces, there is a way to secure them. Use a piece of tape and make an X sign over the glass surface. This will make it more durable and avoid damage. In order to avoid scratches, use wrap or cloths.

Fragile items packing isn’t as hard as it seems

Moving fragile items is an activity that can drive you to the edge. Be sure to not panic and stay calm during packing. When you are unsure how to apply any of these pieces of advice, be sure to consult a professional. Some moving companies do the packing and will help you with this. If not, call a packing service and make sure your items are packed properly. Good luck with your move!