Feng shui moving tips to try when moving in Fort Lauderdale

People move to a new living environment for various reasons. Here you will learn what to look out for when moving from a Feng Shui perspective. Pro Movers Miami tips will help you so you can feel at home in your new living environment as soon as possible. Follow these Feng Shui moving tips when moving to Fort Lauderdale.

Feng Shui color and decoration tips for your new home 

You do not have to follow a rigid scheme. However, the Bagua areas provide good clues for the color design of rooms. Furthermore, the elements of fire, water, wood, metal, and earth play a decisive role. For example, the color yellow promotes tolerance and wisdom. Beige stands for longevity, brown for earthiness. Depending on the area, however, materials and shapes also play a major role. Colors from the palette of earth tones are obtained through the square, flat, rectangular, or low forms. In front of the corners and edges of cabinets, you can place clothes or plants, for example, to soften them

Books on the table
Feng shui moving tips is that optimal results are only achieved in combination with matching decorative objects.

Optimal living space design according to Feng Shui 

Every room has its own energy quality. One room, for example, has a “stimulating” effect. An ideal room for a child who is quiet, but rather an unfavorable choice for an already very active, rebellious child. Some rooms are open to all family members and guests. Other rooms should remain “private” like the parents’ bedroom. Accordingly, this can be incorporated into interior design. Think about the function and use of each individual room. 

Feng Shui room clearing and moving tips

Before moving to Florida and into a new apartment or house, you should definitely carry out a room clearing. This is the cleaning of rooms on an energetic level. Imagine a house that has experienced many conflicts, an unattractive separation, or even the death of one of its inhabitants. All this shapes the rooms because energy does not disappear just because we do not see it. 

Feng shui moving and cleaning tips
In Feng Shui, one speaks of the so-called predecessor energies, which are still present in rooms even after moving out.

Free yourself from the past ballast 

Use the move to get rid of everything superfluous. Take 2 boxes. Into the 1st box, you put everything that is no longer pleasing, damaged, and worn out. Into the 2nd box, you sort all things that are still in good condition but have become worthless for you. Remember that moving into a new house or apartment is a new start. Have the courage to let go!  A move is also always a chance to think carefully about what there is still room for and what can be let go of in the new place. 

We hope these Feng shui moving tips have helped you to move more peacefully. Remember that move does not have to be stressful. Contact moving company Fort Lauderdale and find out how can they help you with your move.