Essential tips for moving a grand piano to Miami

Moving and packing can be difficult and exhausting. This is even more so the case if you have a large and sensitive item such as a grand piano. You have to be prepared and well-organized when moving a grand Piano to Miami. In this article, we are going to show you exactly how to move a grand piano properly, step by step. Furthermore, we are also going to mention why it is important to have reliable moving companies North Miami by your side when relocating.

Moving a grand piano to Miami – Where to start

Moving a grand piano is far from easy. It is not something you can do in one afternoon with your friends. On top of that, you also have other moving-related tasks to worry about. So, when you start planning ways to move your piano, you should always begin with the basic step which is disassembling.

A man looking at a plan.
Think through your process of moving a grand piano to Miami. Start with the basics.

Disassembling your grand piano

When you start the process of disassembling your grand piano for the move you should first start with the lid. Every lid on a grand piano is going to be attached by small screws and hinges. Obviously, these screws and hinges need to be removed. However, it is important to get the right screwdriver type and size to do it properly. Every part you remove from your grand piano should be saved and separated from the rest of your inventory. The best way to do this is to get a cardboard box specially designated to hold the small parts of your grand piano. Now that you have removed the lid you can place it aside.

Wrapping the lid

The lid should not be moved without first being properly packed. This way you avoid doing any damage to it during transport. You have to get the appropriate packing supplies not only for your inventory but also for special items such as a grand piano. For the lid, you want to pack it inside a moving pad. Make sure every side is properly closed and wrapped with a tape or some sort of strap that will hold it closed firmly. This is also another reason to hire professional movers who are experienced and can provide you with professional packers in Miami.

Removing the piano’s lyre

The pieces of wood in the front of the piano, beneath the keyboard, to which the pedals are attached comprise the lyre. You have to get on the underside of your grand piano and unscrew the lyre. After you do this always remember to:

  • Set aside all screws that you have removed
  • Put them in a different bag
  • Mark it for its content so that you know where each screw is located

Protecting the pedals

Once the lyre is off of the piano, you need to take precautions to keep the pedals from being damaged in the move. Wrap each pedal inside a blanket or a layer of bubble wrap strong enough to hold it. Use packing tape to secure the wrapped bubble wrap, blanket, or plastic.

Turn your grand piano on its side

This next step is extremely important as well dangerous and you should never try to do this on your own. Since a grand piano is not a small object and it can weigh quite a lot, you should always have several people with you to help you with this step. Set the piano onto its side on a piano board carefully. This step allows you to check if you have removed all of the screws properly so far as well as help you remove the legs of your grand piano later on.

Remove the legs from the grand piano

Most grand pianos will have 4 legs. It is important to remove the legs from the grand piano in order for it to be packed properly. The legs of a grand piano will be attached with screws or small bolts. Once you remove them, again be sure to remember to separate these screws from the rest of the screws in a bag that is going to be marked or labeled for these specific screws or bolts only. Carefully wrap the legs in a protective material such as a blanket, or bubble wrap. Place the legs of a grand piano inside a cardboard box. Put padding inside the box to avoid any motion inside it which may damage the legs. Close the box properly with several layers of packing tape. You can boost your relocation budget by using the packing supplies you already have in your inventory such as blankets.

Closing a cardboard box.
Properly close cardboard boxes with several layers of packing tape.

Wrap the body of the piano

Now that you have removed the screws and smaller parts of your piano you can secure the main body. Now is the time to use as many protective moving blankets as you can get. Pianos are sensitive and easily breakable. This is why they need to be packed carefully and properly. Use packing tape or straps to secure everything that is protecting your grand piano at this point.

Hire professional movers

Hiring professional movers is the best way to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Furthermore, you have a number of other items in your inventory that are also sensitive and easily breakable. Protect these as well. Professional movers can offer you excellent packing services as we have already mentioned. They can also offer a number of other moving services Miami

Hiring professional movers when moving a grand piano to Miami.
Hire professional movers to get the best moving services and help with your packing.

To sum up

All things considered, packing and moving a grand piano to Miami is not easy. It needs careful planning and organization. Follow these few basic steps and disassemble your piano properly. Place all of the screws in separate bags marked for their content. Get the necessary packing and protective materials. Hire reliable and professional movers Miami to help you relocate efficiently and successfully!