Edgewater vs Wynwood: Which is more expensive?

Deciding where to live is a significant life decision, one that demands careful thought and consideration. This becomes particularly crucial when considering two vibrant places in Florida – Edgewater vs. Wynwood. Each offers its own unique lifestyle, but the question often arises, “Which is more expensive, Edgewater or Wynwood?” In the quest to provide a detailed answer, we will delve into the costs that make up the overall lifestyle in both neighborhoods – from real estate and transportation to groceries and education. Additionally, we’ll shed light on the role of moving companies Florida offers that can make your transition smoother, whether you opt for the upscale sophistication of Edgewater or the trendy, artistic vibe of Wynwood. Ultimately, our goal is to equip you with the necessary information to make an informed choice. So, compare Edgewater vs Wynwood and make a final choice.

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Before making a final decision on where to move research which is more expensive – Edgewater vs Wynwood

How to decide where to live: Edgewater or Wynwood?

When deciding where to live between Edgewater and Wynwood, a few key factors can guide your choice:

  • Lifestyle: Are you attracted to the upscale, bayfront living of Edgewater with its high-rise condos, or do you prefer the artistic, creative vibe of Wynwood with its colorful murals and hip eateries?
  • Budget: Your financial capacity significantly impacts your decision. Assess whether you can afford the cost of living in Edgewater, typically known for being higher-end, or Wynwood, which may offer more affordable options.
  • Priorities: What matters most to you? Proximity to the ocean, vibrant nightlife, a family-friendly environment, or accessibility to arts and culture can influence your choice between Edgewater and Wynwood.

Besides, understanding the cost of living is crucial in this process. It’s not just about rent or mortgage payments but also the cost of groceries, transportation, education, and other daily expenses. An in-depth comparison of these costs in both neighborhoods will allow you to make an informed decision. After making a decision on where to move, check some of the moving companies Miami Dade has to offer.

Meet Edgewater

Situated alongside the Indian River Lagoon, Edgewater is a unique waterfront community teeming with diverse ecosystems. This “Hospitality City” boasts a quiet, small-town charm coupled with some of the country’s most breathtaking nature. As cited on Volusia.com, several undeveloped islands separate the shoreline, backwaters, and the Atlantic Ocean, presenting a unique blend of natural and urban environments. Diving into its rich history, Edgewater was initially known as Hawks Park, named after its founder, Dr. John Milton Hawks, in 1871. The town grew steadily over the years, evolving from its humble beginnings to boasting a larger post office and a hospital – the only one on the East Coast south of St. Augustine. In 1924, its name officially changed to Edgewater. Over the years, businesses have thrived here. Today, Edgewater continues growing while retaining its charm and scenic beauty.

Meet Wynwood

Wynwood, a dynamic neighborhood in Miami, is renowned for its unique vibe and eclectic attractions. According to MiamiHistory.com, Wynwood has undergone a significant transformation. It initially sprung up as a working-class neighborhood, home to both clothing retailers and manufacturers. Over time, Wynwood evolved into a Miami Fashion District, serving as a prominent hub for clothing production and trade. However, its transformation didn’t end there. The founders of the Wynwood Art District began reimagining the old warehouses and neighborhood into vibrant art galleries and studios, creating a haven for artists and art lovers alike.

Today, Wynwood stands as a testament to adaptability and innovation. Despite its modest beginnings, it has emerged as a thriving residential and commercial art, technology, and fine dining hub. Wynwood’s past implies a bright future, poised to continue its evolution in stride with the growing trends of the dynamic City of Miami. This neighborhood is indeed a testament to reinvention, continually adapting and growing while embracing its roots. So, if you are attracted to art and fashion, this neighborhood is a perfect match. Therefore, hire movers Midtown Miami offers and move like a pro,

Design District
Wynwood is a neighborhood which is constantly emerging.

Understanding the cost of living: Edgewater vs. Wynwood

The cost of living, a critical factor when deciding where to live, encompasses various expenses that residents encounter daily. Understanding these costs in Edgewater vs Wynwood can help potential inhabitants make a final decision. The most significant factor contributing to the cost of living is typically housing. In Edgewater, a waterfront community, housing prices might be higher due to the area’s popularity, proximity to the ocean, and upscale properties. Conversely, Wynwood, known for its artistic atmosphere, might offer more affordable, albeit eclectic, housing options. Transportation costs also play a crucial role. Expenses related to car ownership, fuel, maintenance, and public transportation costs, can differ between the two neighborhoods. Education costs are another factor, especially for families with school-age children. The price of public and private schooling can vary, affecting the overall cost of living.

Lastly, daily living expenses, such as groceries, dining, entertainment, healthcare, and other necessities, also contribute to the overall cost of living. These costs might differ between Edgewater and Wynwood due to disparities in the local economy, availability of goods and services, and lifestyle differences. Hence, understanding these various costs is paramount in making a cost-effective decision about where to live. In the end, you should also count moving costs to these places. Therefore, compare moving quotes Miami companies offer and choose the one that suits you. Now let’s discuss the actual costs in both places.

Real estate options: Edgewater vs Wynwood

In Edgewater, a variety of properties are available. Given its coastal location and upscale atmosphere, high-rise condos and waterfront properties dominate the landscape. The area boasts an appealing suburban-rural mix, balancing bustling activity and serene tranquility. As of current data, the median home value in Edgewater stands at $183,800, below the national average of $244,900. This figure suggests that buying a home in Edgewater might be more affordable than in many other parts of the country. Meanwhile, the median rent in the area is $1,122, slightly less than the national average of $1,163. However, it’s important to note that most residents in Edgewater own their homes, with 86% of properties being owner-occupied, compared to just 14% renting.

Ultimately, these figures indicate that Edgewater offers a mix of real estate options. Whether you’re looking to buy a high-rise condo with a view or find a rental property, this waterfront community has many options to fit diverse needs and budgets. So, if Edgewater is appealing enough to relocate here, schedule your movers Edgewater FL residents trust the most.

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Before making your decision, it’s important to calculate costs.

Real estate in Wynwood

Wynwood, a vibrant Miami neighborhood, offers a unique array of housing options, as per data from Niche.com. Here’s an overview:

  • Types of Properties: Wynwood’s urban vibe is reflected in its various residential options. There’s something for everyone, from converted warehouses and loft spaces to modern apartments and townhomes.
  • Median Home Value: Homes in Wynwood tend to be more expensive, with the median home value at $343,700. This is considerably higher than the national average of $244,900, reflecting Wynwood’s desirability and status as a flourishing arts district.
  • Median Rent: The median rent in Wynwood is $1,322, also higher than the national average of $1,163. This cost aligns with the area’s popular amenities and its growing reputation as a cultural hub.
  • Rent vs. Own: The vast majority of Wynwood residents choose to rent, with 89% of dwellings being rented properties, while only 11% are owner-occupied.
  • Area Feel: Wynwood has a distinctly urban feel, with high population density, a thriving arts scene, and proximity to amenities such as galleries, restaurants, and boutiques.

In summary, Wynwood offers a unique urban lifestyle, reflected in its housing costs and options. Whether you’re seeking a trendy loft or a modern apartment, Wynwood’s real estate landscape is as eclectic as its renowned street art. So, if this is your choice, hire movers Wynwood FL to help you move with ease.

Investing in Education: Costs in Edgewater vs. Wynwood

Investing in education is a priority for many families when choosing a neighborhood. Edgewater and Wynwood provide various education options, including public and private schools and tertiary institutions, each with its own cost structure. Edgewater hosts several well-regarded public schools, including the Miami Arts Charter School and the Phyllis R. Miller Elementary School. For parents considering private education, there’s Cushman School, known for its rigorous curriculum. On the other hand, Wynwood is near several reputable schools in the greater Miami area. Public schools include the highly-rated Design and Architecture Senior High, while private options like the Metropolitan International School of Miami offer an alternative educational approach.

The cost of education regarding Edgewater vs Wynwood can vary widely depending on the chosen institution. Public schools are typically less expensive as they’re taxpayer-funded, while private schools and tertiary institutions usually involve higher costs. It’s vital to research each school’s tuition fees and other related expenses when factoring education costs into your decision on where to live.

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List the potential schools, calculate the costs, and choose the one that suits you.

Transportation costs: Navigating Edgewater vs. Wynwood

Transportation is a significant factor in the cost of living when comparing Edgewater vs Wynwood. And both Edgewater and Wynwood offer unique commuting experiences. With its coastal location and suburban feel, Edgewater provides various transportation options. Residents often prefer private transportation, such as cars, due to its residential nature. Gas prices are $3.17 per gallon, roughly in line with national averages. On the other hand, Wynwood, with its urban vibe, leans more toward public transportation. Buses and rideshares are common, with bike-sharing and scooter rentals also popular due to the neighborhood’s pedestrian-friendly layout.

According to data from Payscale, transportation expenses, including bus fares and gas prices in these neighborhoods, are about 7% lower than the national average. This decrease reflects Miami’s lower transportation costs, benefiting both Edgewater and Wynwood residents. However, specific transportation costs can vary depending on lifestyle, distance from work or school, and personal preferences. Hence, it’s crucial to consider these factors and choose a neighborhood that aligns with your commuting needs and budget.

The price of groceries

Grocery costs are an essential part of living expenses, and they can vary between neighborhoods like Edgewater and Wynwood due to location, store types, and local demand. Edgewater, an upscale coastal area, hosts a range of grocery options from high-end stores to local markets. Here, you might find grocery costs slightly above average due to the neighborhood’s upscale nature. However, consider stores like Aldi and Publix, which offer a wide selection of reasonably priced items for affordable shopping.

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Grocery prices vary in both Edgewater and Wynwood.

Conversely, with its urban and artistic vibe, Wynwood, FL,  provides a mix of grocery shopping experiences. You’ll find everything from organic markets to ethnic grocery stores catering to its diverse population. While some specialized stores may have higher prices, affordable options are also available. Chains like Winn-Dixie and Presidente Supermarket offer budget-friendly choices. Remember, shopping wisely by checking sales, using loyalty programs, and buying in-season produce can also help manage your grocery budget, regardless of the neighborhood you choose.

Relocation cost

Moving costs when it comes to Edgewater vs Wynwood vary from company to company and the types of services you choose, such as white glove moving services. However, other factors may affect the price, such as the size of your home, the number of items, the urgency of the move, the season, and the complexity of the relocation. Besides, prices depend on the type of estimate too. Therefore, it is best to call your movers to provide you with an estimate after inspecting your home.

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Choosing the right movers is the key to a safe and sounf relocation.

Hiring professional movers: A smart move to Edgewater or Wynwood

After comparing Edgewater vs Wynwood and making a decision about where to move to, it’s time to search for the movers. Whichever place you choose, you won’t regret your decision. However, the choice of movers is of utmost importance. Namely, your entire relocation will depend on your movers. Thus, choose smartly. And the safest way is to hire moving companies Volusia County or Miami Dade County have. This way, you will save yourself from a lot of headaches and stress.