Best places in Miami to start a small family business

Miami has many perks. Moving to this big city is a great way to find a good job or to meet a lot of new people. Due to being a very diverse area, anyone can fit in Miami as long as they are open-minded. Students, young parents, and many other kinds of people come to this city aiming to improve their way of life. Also, it’s a perfect place for many companies to have a well-planned beginning. No matter who you ask, any serious entrepreneur will always mention Miami among cities that are welcoming to new businesses including the family businesses. Here are some of the best places in Miami to start a small family business. Look them up and enjoy.

Be patient when searching for the best places in Miami to start a small family business

People often ask where they should open their business but there is no easy answer to this question. First of all, not all businesses are the same. You can open a small grocery shop in one neighborhood and profit, but it might be a flop in another neighborhood. So, make sure you know what kind of family business you want to start. There are Miami neighborhoods that are very open to the IT industry or tourism industry. However, most of those aren’t neighborhoods for families. That’s why this guide will introduce you to some great neighborhoods that are more than willing to support family businesses.

A realtor shows a house to a family.
Miami neighborhoods are exactly what you’re looking for if your family runs a real estate business.

Sunny Isles Beach is among the best places in Miami to start a small family business

While it might be on the higher end when it comes to house prices, it definitely pays off. Sunny Isles Beach is safer than more than half the neighborhoods in the whole state. You can open any kind of business you like there and it will pay off. The purchasing power of people living in Sunny Isles Beach is really high, so they will be more than willing to buy what you have to offer. Your family can easily settle in this community. They have some great educational facilities and if you want to start a family business in a place where you have a lot of potential customers, look no more and book your move with movers Sunny Isles Beach has to offer. Sunny Isles Beach is a great place for people who love beaches. You can enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches Florida offers.

Golf is also a big thing here. You can find around 27 golf courses in and around Sunny Isles Beach. People who love sports tourism come here to relax and enjoy the view. That can make a great business opportunity.

Why is Sunny Isles Beach among the best places in Miami to start a small family business?

One of the strong points of this community is tourism. If you like working with tourists, you will find Sunny Isles Beach to be heaven on earth. You can invite people to go on tours around Miami or maybe sell them some souvenirs and memorabilia. With a booming economy and a lot of visitors, Miami really has a lot to offer.

Wynwood is a great place for art tourism

If you are an avid art fan, you will love this place. Wynwood is similar to Sunny Isles Beach when it comes to economy and safety. It’s a very safe neighborhood with a lot of happy residents. You don’t need to worry about crime and the standard of living is really something. However, there are a few differences between them. Housing is a bit more expensive in Wynwood with the average housing price going around $696,000 median purchase price. Don’t worry, there is an upside to that. With more expensive housing comes a great option for real estate companies. If your family business revolves around real estate you will find Wynwood to be a perfect place once movers Wynwood FL relocate you. You will find some homes that have exceptional resale value.

Those who aren’t that big of fans of real estate shouldn’t despair. Another great industry in Wynwood is art tourism so a lot of tourists come here to enjoy art and murals. It is a big thing in this neighborhood in Miami and people tend to keep up to the reputation. You will find many great murals and galleries around here. Also, you will find some really nice places like Wynwood Business Improvement District, where people can go and get help with starting a new business.

A golf ball is on the grass.
Golf and sports tourism is what makes Sunny Isles Beach one of the best places in Miami to start a small family business.

Kendall is a great suburb for kids

Even if your primary goal is to find the best places in Miami to start a small family business, don’t forget that you have a family. So, if you have kids, you need to make sure they are raised in a nice, normal environment. People spend a lot of time trying to find a good school for their kids. Sometimes, parents refuse to move to some neighborhood because it doesn’t provide opportunities for their kids to enjoy sports. Kendall provides all of these requirements to make your child happy. Not only that, but it is also a very peaceful and tranquil area so if you like that kind of lifestyle, don’t hesitate to call local movers Miami and book a date right now. There is no need to spend too much time commuting between home and school when they are both in the same area.

Shopping makes Kendall one of the best places in Miami to start a small family business

Tourism is probably the main industry in Miami. People love to come to this beautiful city and enjoy sightseeing. Many guides earn their money by serving these tourists. However, tourism isn’t only sightseeing. There is a lot more to it than that. One of the aspects of tourism is shopping, as well. Kendall has some great malls you can visit and enjoy if you live nearby. Tourists who visit Kendall never miss an opportunity to go shopping and your family business can really benefit from that kind of attraction.

A woman is carrying a baby while browsing the internet on her laptop.
Kendall is great for people with kids and you will have no trouble finding a good school.

Key Biscayne is probably what you’re looking for

Key Biscayne is one of the most expensive parts of the city and that’s why it’s usually not offered as an option to most people moving to Miami. However, there’s a good reason why this neighborhood is on this list. It is a very famous tourist area. It has beautiful old Florida-style houses, a lot of lovely hotels and very good access to a lot of beaches. So, if you love the water and know how to profit from such a great location, don’t hesitate to call Pro Movers Miami and book a relocation to one of the best places in Miami to start a small family business.