Best Miami area suburbs to move to in 2023

Miami is becoming one of the most popular moving destinations in the United States! More and more people are also moving to the suburbs, deciding to start their new lives there. But, there’s plenty to choose from. Deciding which Miami area suburbs to move to can be a hard decision. That’s why you need to do your research on each of these top suburbs areas and decide for yourself. Different options are going to work for different people. Once you’ve decided, plenty of companies, such as Pro Movers Miami, will be able to assist in your relocation. That’s most of the job done already! Afterward, prepare to enjoy your time in sunny Miami weather and the endless opportunities the city offers.

Pinecrest is one of the more popular Miami area suburbs to move to

Just south of Miami, Pinterest offers a good combination of both Florida’s authentic outdoors and modern urban life in the suburbs. Many people praise how the homes are simply beautiful here. The tree-lined streets and the peaceful environment also add to the feeling. That’s why this is one of the most popular Miami suburbs. It has some of the best public schools and several chances, including admission to Ivy League colleges. When you combine these factors, it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing to relocate here and start their life. The family-friendly atmosphere just builds on it! The residents take great care of the environment, which is why Pinecrest is one of the cleanest communities you will find. There are lots of green initiatives taking place.

A family spending time together after using a lsit to find iami area suburbs to move to.
Many families are deciding to move to Pinecrest due to the awesome family-friendly options it offers.

Important stats about Pinecrest you need to know

The median house value in the area is around $937,600, whereas the median rent prices are around $1,700. As you can see, there’s a bit of something for everyone who wants to live here. However, most people do own their own homes. That’s always a good sign when moving into a new community. Moreover, according to Niche, here are some statistics pertaining to Pinecrest:

  • Best Suburbs to Live in Florida: 5 of 380
  • Suburbs with the Best Public Schools in Florida: 11 of 380
  • Best Suburbs to Raise a Family in Florida: 12 of 380
  • According to many moving experts, this is one of the best Miami area suburbs to move to

Such great statistics and factors contribute to the rise in the population of Pinterest. If you are interested, plenty of local moving companies will be able to help you relocate to Pinecrest and start your new life in the suburbs. Moreover, getting moving quotes Miami companies offer will allow you to relocate for a cheaper than-usual price. It’s always a good idea to get at least three different moving quotes. That’s going to help you to decide what works best for you when moving to Pinecrest.

People having a meeting in one of the Miami suburbs companies.
There are plenty of great work opportunities in the Miami suburbs.

Coral Gables is one of the best Miami area suburbs to move to

This is perhaps even the most popular area in Chicago. Many families decide to move here due to how safe it is. There’s a 24/7 police presence in the area, making crime rates pretty low. Moreover, this is one of Miami’s most exclusive communities, and that means comfort, safety, and luxury. The community also has a bunch of great private schools you can choose from for your kid. Having a great education system means a lot since it prepares them for college-level classes later on. But families aren’t the only ones moving here! Plenty of young professionals are also coming here due to great career prospects. The more you research about the place, the more you’ll see there’s something for everyone.

The city has seen recent growth in terms of its population. Right now it’s close to around 48300 residents, soon to be 50,000. As for the housing market, the median property value is around $856,000. On the other hand, the median household income for 2020 was around $104,000. These numbers work really well together, which is why the moving companies Coral Gables offers have been relocating so many people to the area recently. Moving to the area is going to mean you will enjoy great levels of safety and satisfaction. Coral Gables is divided by the US1. Coral Gables’ west side is recognized for being cheaper, with many smaller, quaint old-Spanish homes. On the other hand, the Gables homes on the east side of US1 are often larger in terms of living area and lot size.

A kid running outdoors after relocating to one of the Miami suburbs.
Many people are deciding that Coral Gables is one of the best Miami area suburbs to move to.

Surfside is another great option for people willing to relocate

Surfside, with a population of 5,500, is a lovely beachside town close to Miami. If you relocate to Surfside, you can expect a tropical climate with pleasant temperatures all year, as well as a busy nightlife and a diverse cultural mix. Surfside residents have a good quality of life, thanks to a number of different factors. New beachside developments are limited to 12 stories, and further west, only single-family one- and two-story dwellings are permitted. Surfside is well-served by public transit, with Metrobus serving Miami and the adjacent areas on a regular basis. This allows many people to live in Surfside and work in another city or town that’s close by. That’s just one of the reasons why movers Surfside FL offer special relocation packages to this exact area.

As you can see, Surfside is an excellent choice for a variety of different people. If you have a look at its statistics, you will see that the median home value is around $619,300. That does reflect back on the median household income, which is around $57,000. People who want a more affordable area will greatly appreciate Surfside. It’s generally cheaper to live here than in some other areas on the list of Miami area suburbs to move to. One big advantage of Miami is that it offers so many unique and different options that there’s a place for everyone! Even though it may not seem like a lot, a lot of the places aren’t growing and developing like Miami simply because they lack such diversity of communities. That’s something that Miami does very well, which is why you can find both affluent and affordable communities to relocate to.