Best cities in South Florida for empty nesters

With the arrival of children, life and priorities change. But you haven’t even blinked, and the time has come for you to send the children away from the family home. The home has become too big for you and your partner. The place that was full of laughter and noise became quiet and empty. These are the signs that it’s time for a fresh start. With your expenses down, you think it’s time for a smaller, more functional home. One of the most attractive choices is in Florida. Whether or not you’re looking to retire or find a second career, the Sunshine State will offer you sunny, scenic beaches and a booming economy. Right behind California comes Florida, with the second-largest population of residents over 50. If life brings you to this area, Miami movers present the best cities in South Florida for empty nesters.


If you enjoy the benefits of big-city living, then Miami may be the right choice for empty nesters. Aside from the glitz and glamour, this sparkling city always has something to offer you. You can spend your free time enjoying a variety of restaurants and experiences from different parts of the world or indulge in the inevitable Cuban jazz scene. This dynamic city will delight you with its hospitality. Remember, local movers Miami is there to handle all the difficult and stressful parts of the move for you.

High-rise building and Ferris wheel in Miami, Florida
If you like big-city living, then Miami is one of the best cities in South Florida for empty nesters.

The city is also known for its fresh seafood and large shopping centers. You’ll get lost in Upper Buena Vista because it’s unlike any other. Surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and exotic trees, it will offer you a unique shopping experience. In addition, there are plenty of outdoor spaces where you can take a break and enjoy a meal or drink. In this beautiful and relaxed environment, you can enjoy shopping until late in the evening.
If you follow the arts scene, visit the Broadway-caliber Adrienne Arsht Center or the Florida Grand Opera. Miami is also known for its festivals:

  • Art Basel, which attracts the stars
  • Art Miami
  • The South Miami Arts Festival
  • Brew Miami
  • Calle Ocho

For empty nesters, Miami also offers different real estate solutions. You can opt for an apartment in a multi-story building or choose one of the city’s many neighborhoods and find a home in a house under palm trees.

If all these advantages of living in Miami have influenced your move, then look for the best solution for this relocation. Moving services Miami will organize your move from start to finish with professional services and trained teams.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a city in Miami-Dade County with a population of 84,469. It is located across the Intracoastal from Miami, with a completely different atmosphere than Miami. The city sits along a narrow island surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. It is one of the best cities in South Florida for empty-nesters that will win you over with its relaxed atmosphere but also with its fun and excitement.

Stroll along the Miami Beach Boardwalk and enjoy the beautiful and relaxing ocean views. This long boardwalk stretches from 24th to 26th streets and passes by many interesting Miami Beach locations. If you’re a fan of art and architecture, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the historic Art Deco district in the South Beach area. You’ll take a walk that will take you back in time, surrounded by picturesque buildings. Also, an interesting tidbit for fashion lovers is that the famous Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace lived here.

lifeguard house on the beach
Miami Beach will offer you many outdoor activities.

If you decide to nest here as “empty nesters,” you can recreation on the many bike paths on the beach or for a walk by the sea. You’ll enjoy the excellent gastronomic scene, and you’ll also have excellent organized public transportation. You will live on an island, but you will also be near a big city.

Miami Beach’s many amenities can get you to your new home right here. Always trust your move to safe and experienced hands like movers Miami Beach. A safe and efficient relocation is in the best interest of both parties.

Fort Lauderdale

In South Florida, another place is popular with empty nesters. Nearly one-third of the population of Fort Lauderdale is between the ages of 40 and 59. This quiet, relaxing place could be your new home, and here’s what you can expect. The cost of living is 4.2% lower than in Miami. Housing prices are also lower than in Miami. One-bedroom apartment in the downtown area is 8.5% cheaper.
You’ll live in an active community with residents who live a healthy lifestyle. It is an excellent way to stay active, as a healthy lifestyle is associated with successful aging. Many outdoor activities can be enjoyed, from jogging and hiking to biking and walking the dog. We’ll mention just a few of the places where you can spend your free time actively:

  • Fort Lauderdale Beach Park
  • Esplanade Park
  • Hugh Taylor Birch State Park
  • Secret Woods Nature Center

The city offers cultural content with the Chinese Lantern Festival or the Olas Wine & Food Festival. Moreover, the proximity of the airport is an asset if you miss the children.

An elderly couple relaxes on the beach.
South Florida reveals many locations for empty nests.

Florida Keys

Just 120 miles from the southern tip of Florida lie the Florida Keys. The islands include Monroe County as well as parts of Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve. If, as empty nesters, you dream of peaceful days surrounded by magical scenery, then direct your cursor to the Florida Keys. The warm weather throughout the year will allow you to spend active time outdoors. Here, the days pass slowly under the palm trees by the sparkling water. If you like water sports, fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, and wakeboarding are available. You can also enjoy freshly prepared seafood. Do not forget that Cuba is only 90 miles away, so many culinary influences are present.
Located in Monroe County, the Keys’ population is less than 100,000. The largest cities are Islamorada, Marathon, and Big Pine Key, where you’ll feel like you’re in a small town.
Keep in mind that living in the Florida Keys is quite expensive, but what may be one of the advantages is the lack of state income tax. Property taxes are also quite affordable.

Florida is among the most attractive places for empty nesters with its climate, beautiful beaches, and historical centers. In addition, low tax rates and quality medical care are also a plus for this population. We have listed some of the best cities in South Florida for empty nesters, where you can enjoy many of the activities and amenities of life that can be experienced at this age.