Benefits of living and working in Fort Lauderdale

So you decided to move to Fort Lauderdale? Good for you! Whether you decided to move here with your family, or for your business we are sure that you’ll love living and working in Fort Lauderdale. Located less than an hour away from Miami, this South Florida city has everything you need. Like Florida in general, Fort Lauderdale is praised for its sunny days and warm winters. It’s famous, or notorious, for its spring break seasons, when teenagers flocked from all around the USA to party and enjoy the fabulous beaches. Anyway, those days are long gone. Today, Fort Lauderdale is considered a great place for families and retirees, and the beaches are still there, don’t worry! So, call our movers in Fort Lauderdale and get ready to fall in love. Here is a list of benefits of living and working in Fort Lauderdale. 

Lower cost of living and working

Of course, Florida IS one of the pricier states, and Fort Lauderdale is no different. However, it’s cheaper than Miami and it offers a lifestyle that is simply worth it. Fort Lauderdale is an up-and-coming town, both for living and working. If you find a job here (scroll down for employability prospects) it shouldn’t be hard to afford everything you need. Also if you are moving from a pricier town such as New York or Los Angeles- this can actually be a life-changing and money-saving experience at the same time. Call our long distance movers Florida and schedule your move to Fort Lauderdale now!

Florida boat in the water
Called “Venice of America”, Fort Lauderdale is known for its waterways. Living and working in Fort Lauderdale can be extra fun thanks to the waterways and water taxis!

Good neighborhoods for living and working in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale has around 60 officially recognized neighborhoods and all of them are bursting with charm! Depending on your needs and budget you can easily find something suiting your taste and make it your home. For example, if you are on a budget you should consider the Tarpon River. It’s full of single-family homes and parks, so it’s perfect both for families and young professionals. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more fancy check 0ut Harbor Beach! With a private beach club and marina, you will be in the front row for all the water sports Fort Lauderdale is famous for. Whatever you need, Fort Lauderdale will definitely deliver. Our moving companies in Florida are there to make your move as smooth as possible, so you only need to choose the right neighborhood.


Bored of same all, same all? No more! Fort Lauderdale is known for its diversity and not only during the tourist season. Home to many nationalities, you will definitely enjoy various encounters and cultures so say goodbye to monotony! Victoria Park is a famous neighborhood in the center, rich with multicultural history and diverse family structures: from gays to singles and seniors. If you enjoy the diversity and trying out dishes from the entire world Fort Lauderdale is definitely a place for you.

Amazing weather

If you are tired of long winters and lack of Vitamin D, this one is for you! Fort Lauderdale averages 246 sunny days per year, meaning cold, harsh winters are a thing of the past. Most of the town’s neighborhoods are very close to the beaches, so if you are looking for one of the biggest benefits of living and working in Fort Lauderdale look no further! The water is warm throughout most of the year, so you can enjoy swimming and water sports whenever you want.

Sandy beach and ocean in Fort Lauderdale
Are you a morning jogging kind of a person or a fan of water sports?  Fort Lauderdale’s beaches will fulfill any need you have!

Fort Lauderdale is very compact

With everything you need within a 5-mile radius, Fort Lauderdale is one of the most compact cities ever. Whether you prefer to take a stroll and run your errands or enjoy a bike ride through the city- this is a place for you. The drivers can smile too because this compactness will reflect in the lower mileage as well. However, Fort Lauderdale’s traffic jams are very real so here is a list of good transportation options to make your commute easier!

  • LauderGO! Community Shuttle- definitely check this one out to make your living and working in Fort Lauderdale easier and cheaper!
  • Water taxi
  • Broward BCycle Bike Share System
  • Riverwalk Water Trolley
  • Carpool
  • Uber, Lyft, and Taxi

Living and working in Fort Lauderdale are fun!

From museums to clubs, Fort Lauderdale has everything you can imagine covered. Residents are known for their active lifestyle, but it doesn’t stop with sports. Due to its diverse population, you can find amazing food from around the globe everywhere. Fort Lauderdale is great for artsy souls too, so make sure to check out the Flagler Village and its gallery and MASS districts. We are sure that you will have a lot of fun!

American flag and tree line in Fort Lauderdale
Living and working in a diverse community such as Fort Lauderdale can be a source of great joy! You can find amazing buildings and meet great people everywhere.

Opportunities for working in Fort Lauderdale

Florida is known as a paradise for retirees, but its employability opportunities are also impressive and Fort Lauderdale is no different. Despite being known for tourists and allowing many locals to earn an extra buck during the season, Fort Lauderdale has a good job market throughout the year. Many young professionals decide to come here in order to pursue their dreams and make a name for themselves! With an unemployment rate of only 3,5%, you should have no problem with finding a job and covering all your needs. The city of Fort Lauderdale has many employee benefits as well, so don’t forget to check if you are eligible!

That was a short list of benefits of living and working in Fort Lauderdale. We hope you will enjoy the move and here are tips on how to get settled after moving to Fort Lauderdale.