A guide to the best outdoor activities in Miami

If you have recently relocated to Miami, or you are planning to do so soon congratulations! You have chosen one of the best cities in the world to move to. Florida is one of the states that has a lot to offer. With the great weather, vibrant lifestyle, and various job and education opportunities, no wonder it is one of the favorite places for life. And, Miami is the best representative of Florida’s vibe. Before you contact one of the reliable moving companies Miami, you need to do some research. After you settle down, you will have a lot of free time. Since there are so many things to do in Miami, you won’t know where to start. Don’t worry. Read our guide to the best outdoor activities in Miami and you will have the time of your life.

Why is living in Miami one of the best decisions you can make?

There are so many reasons why you can choose to relocate to Miami and never regret your decision. Apart from all the outdoor activities you will get to do, and that you will find nowhere else, you can contact residential movers Miami and start preparing your relocation for the following reasons:

  • Miami has a great party scene and busy nightlife. There are clubs that work 24 hours a day and everyone can find something for themselves.
  • There are some of the best and the most beautiful beaches in the world in Miami.
  • In addition to the amazing coastline, there is the fact that you can enjoy it almost all year because it’s always warm in Miami.
  • The unemployment rate is low, and there are great job opportunities, especially in the trade and finance industries.
  • The food is amazing. Since Miami is one of the most diverse cities, you can try something new every day.
Sailboat on water
Some of the best outdoor activities in Miami include sailing

The best outdoor activities in Miami make it a city worth living in

People usually take outdoor activities for granted and they forget that a lot of interesting things to do can be right in front of them. For example, with so many parks and beaches in Miami, you have 1000 different places to visit there. If you like recreation and spending time outside, Miami is a dream come true for you.

Visit Biscayne National Park

If you like unusual animals and diving, Biscayne National Park is the first place you need to visit after your relocation to Miami. What is unusual about this park is the fact that it is almost completely underwater (95%, to be more precise). So, you can go diving or snorkeling. In the meantime, you will meet the West Indian manatee or Peregrine falcon, among other endangered species. If you are not a fan of going underwater, there are boats and canoes available for rent.

Go sailing

There are a lot of places in Miami where you can go sailing and enjoy it. However, we recommend Coconut Grove, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience. This is one of the most popular spots for those who like to sail. Even if you are completely new at that, there are instructors who will help you learn to sail and have a memorable experience.

Four people riding bikes at the beach
Riding a bike in Miami is a great activity

Try jet ski

If you are more of a type who is not for something so peaceful as sailing, you can try jet skiing. Miami Bay is the right place for this kind of activity. You can rent a jet ski for $9 and enjoy your ride. It can be a slower ride, or you can really give all in and choose to ride faster. If you have your own jet ski, that is even better. Movers South Miami will help you transfer it to Miami, where you can enjoy riding your jet ski and admire a wonderful view.

Ride a bike

It may seem like it’s nothing special, but riding a bike is one of the best outdoor activities in Miami. This city is incredibly bike-friendly, making it a terrific way to explore while also staying in shape at the same time. Bicycle rental shops may be found in a ton of locations all across Miami. Exploring a new city while riding a bike can be such a great experience.

You shouldn’t skip Everglades National Park

The state’s best canoeing spot may very well be Everglades National Park. If you enjoy the outdoors, you will love it here because it has 1.5 million acres of subtropical forests and marshes. There are also some the endangered species of animals. Of course, there are guides and people who protect you from alligators, for example, even though they need to be protected too.

If you like art, Wynwood Art District is for you

The legendary Wynwood Walls, one of the most amazing outdoor street art museums in the world, provide the ideal background for taking amazing photos. You can learn about Miami’s local art culture while taking a guided street art tour. It’s not just a beautiful work of art. It’s also historically significant and shoes the art of some of the most important artists.

There is something for fruit lovers also

Strawberry picking at Knaus Berry Farm has become very popular. This is mostly aimed at children, who like having their baskets filled with amazing berries. The best part of this activity is that the kids are doing something fun and useful at the same time, all while spending time in nature. And even better, you can join them. On your way home, don’t forget to take some mouthwatering cinnamon buns from their bakery.

A child holding strawberries in his hands
You can even pick strawberries

Enjoy your life in Miami

As you have read, whichever outdoor activity you like, you can find it in Miami. From different beach activities to many national parks, you will find your favorite spot and a place you will go back to all the time. Some of the best outdoor activities in Miami make it an incredible city. So, contact reliable movers and get a free estimate. It is time to start making your dreams come true.