A detailed guide to moving from Pinecrest to Coral Gables

Are you planning to move from Pinecrest to Coral Gables? While the thought of a new place to call home can be exciting, moving can be daunting. But fear not! In this detailed guide to moving from Pinecrest to Coral Gables, made with the help of Miami movers, we will talk about the essential similarities and differences between living in these two cities. That way, you can better prepare for your upcoming relocation.

A panorama photo made by a person moving from Pinecrest to Coral Gables
If you’re moving from Pinecrest to Coral Gables, there will be slight differences in the quality of life

What are the differences between Pinecrest and Coral Gables?

Both of these cities are in the same Miami-Dade County. Given this fact, people often think these two cities are the same. However, that is not the case. While there are many similarities, we will talk about some key differences. In Pinecrest, home prices can range from $250k to $15.5 million, and the average home price is around $1.7 million. Median prices in Coral Gables, on the other hand, are a bit more affordable, even though there are mansions worth over  50 million dollars on the waterfront. In Coral Gables, the median home price is  $1.4 million, which is slightly more affordable.

Pinecrest is a luxury neighborhood, and Coral Gables is affluent but not luxurious. However, it is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods with 24/7 security, ensuring perfect safety. One additional difference is also in the community vibe. Pinecrest is a more gated, family-friendly suburb. However, Coral Gables has more of a suburban feel due to the vicinity of downtown Miami. So if you plan to leave Pinecrest, check os of the best movers Pinecrest FL has to offer.

Quality of life – Pinecrest vs. Coral Gables

Both Pinecrest and Coral Gables are great places for enjoying your free time. Pinecrest has several parks, including Pinecrest Gardens, where you can enjoy concerts and events. There is also a farmers’ market and many different restaurants and shops. Coral Gables, on the other hand, boasts a lively arts scene, with several galleries and museums, such as the Lowe Art Museum and the Coral Gables Museum. When it comes to schools, there are some differences. Coral Gables public schools use a lottery system, which means you can’t know ahead of which school your kids will attend.

Beautiful Villas Near the Beach in Coral Gables
Moving to Coral Gables does come with some perks, like waterfront living, shorter commutes, and a great school system

While the commute to downtown Miami is up to 30 minutes shorter in Coral Gables than in Pinecrest, that depends on where you live. Hiring a moving company Coral Gables has to move to Gables means you will be closer to consulates, major businesses, and Brickell. This is what many real estate buyers are looking for.

Ready to move? Remember these factors

These two suburbs can offer a lot to their residents. High quality of living, great home values, and amazing school systems, just to name a few. If you have decided that moving from Pinecrest to Coral Gables is the right choice, our long distance movers Florida residents are proud of can help you. Every relocation is easier if you know you have trusted movers on your side. Contact us today to make sure your relocation to Coral Gables is a successful one.


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