5 essential tips for moving a gym to a new location

Moving can be a tricky task. Moving your whole home can take time and a lot of nerves. And when you are moving a gym to a new location, it can get even more complicated. Big equipment oddly shaped things – it can really complicate everything. But by doing a couple of things, you will make the relocation much easier. And if you are moving to Florida, you will be able to relax and enjoy the lovely weather. If you prepare for the relocation in advance, everything will be easy after that!

When you are moving a gym to a new location make sure that equipment is squeaky clean

If you plan to move, the first and the most important thing to do is to make sure that your equipment is clean and germ-free. Sanitizing everything should be your priority, even before you start looking for moving companies Hollywood FL. You should move absolutely clean equipment. You can wipe them down with paper towels and an all-purpose cleaner for example. Pay special attention to the handles!

person with cleaning supplies before moving a gym to a new location
Make sure to clean everything before you move your gym to a new location

Packing will take time

Packing is one of the most time-consuming tasks. No matter are you moving your home or are you relocating your gym to a new location – it will take time. And you will need a lot of packing materials. The essential tip is to set aside enough time to pack everything with care and to make sure it won’t get damaged in transport. A lot of Miami movers can offer you the service of packing all of your belongings for you. If you do not have enough time – this option might be a solution!

Start with the easiest things to pack

If you decided to pack everything on your own, the third essential tip would be to start packing your gym equipment from yoga mats and accessories. They are the easiest things to pack since you only need to place them in a box. Just make sure that the moving boxes are big enough. In case you plan to put your gym equipment into storage, make sure to use eco-friendly storage that will protect your belongings.

person holding yoga mat
Start packing yoga mats, since they are easy to pack

Dumbbells, barbels, and hand weights are next for packing when you are moving a gym to a new location

When you are done with yoga mats, these items should be next. The essential tip for them when you are relocating your gym to a new location is to use moving boxes that can handle their weight. Do not try to put everything into one or two boxes. You need to distribute the weight and make sure that you can pick up that box. Also, you should use plastic wrap, moving blankets, towels so you can ensure there won’t be any damage during the relocation.

If you dissemble your equipment, mark every part clearly

The fifth and the last essential tip, if you are moving your gym, is to clearly mark every little piece of your equipment when you disassemble it. Also, make sure that you have the manuals, so you can easily assemble everything back. You can also take pictures and write down what was important and what caused troubles during the disassembling.